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Dante, from the game Devil May Cry.


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Download: Dante
File Size: 316k
Date: 05/19/02
Author: Sephiroth__VII
Downloads: 3276


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 15
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MaxisReedPosted: 05/19/02 16:59   Report Abuse
Great Skin, even though he doesn't have long hair...*sigh*


LasaiaPosted: 05/19/02 17:30   Report Abuse
not bad man, you should try making a model of Trish but from scratch so you can get everything right


SmokeDrgn1Posted: 05/20/02 05:57   Report Abuse
Even though I have never played "Devil May Cry".. this is still a cool skin, while it could use some work and touchups.. I still find it to be cool! Keep on editing!


SithLord7Posted: 05/20/02 15:09   Report Abuse
A little more light please. I can barely make out the skins in the pics. Get Better Screens!!


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 05/20/02 19:37   Report Abuse
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GreyPosted: 05/20/02 21:22   Report Abuse
Great skin man. I li3k it. (= Keep up the good work.


MorpheusPosted: 05/25/02 14:41   Report Abuse
I thing it's a good start. Just if you're gonna make skin, you realy should put it in a mod or large skin pack. But good work.


[US]Silenced_FuryPosted: 05/25/02 15:08   Report Abuse
i like it... 10


roll4lifePosted: 05/25/02 22:37   Report Abuse
I give it a 7. I am a fan of the Devil May Cry game. I wish i could see the long hair and screens could be brighter. Looks pretty good though.


DARTH_MALASTARPosted: 06/10/02 17:48   Report Abuse


The_Divine_ShadowPosted: 06/18/02 03:54   Report Abuse
i give it an 8.

Its a good skin, but ive got a few gripes about it. Like maxis said, hair is too short. Also, Dante has a much bigger build, the skin makes him look a bit scrawny.



DougGoneMADPosted: 06/25/02 00:31   Report Abuse
Aww damn, I was hoping that this would be Dante from Clerks. lol. nice skin anyway.


TRA_ScourgePosted: 07/21/02 22:14   Report Abuse
(no rating added)

Hahaha, this is funny. Sephiroth__VII, it looks like you could have scored better ratings if you just said nothing about Dante from Devil May Cry, and named this skin something else.


TRA_ScourgePosted: 07/22/02 23:08   Report Abuse
Rating: 9.

Although you took on the project of recreating a Devil May Cry character in Jedi Outcast, I can't reasonably count points off for his innaccuracies. I mean...I've not met one person yet who can afford the model editing software needed to make an accurate depiction. (And even if you could afford to buy a program for over $1000, would you use it so you could make JO skins for Massassi's archives, for FREE?)

The skin functions, and it looks pleasing, and I love it. I've used it in every game I've played today (on my good computer, against bots *sigh*). He looks dramatic and different. Never having played Devil May Cry may have distorted by impression of Dante, but I think this is the best anyone can do.

My criticisms remain simple...I'll tell you in advance that I'm sometimes a bit of an obsessive-compulsive. The skin's mini-picture that appears in the top left sometimes bothered me, because it doesn't match the uniformity of the other mini-pictures in the game. I didn't count off points for that though.

I'm pleased. Thanks for the skin!


SpardisJXPosted: 03/23/03 02:28   Report Abuse
Ok, since I am a hardcore DMC fan, I found this skin disappointing, however it is not bad for your first try. I recommend remaking it, and these are the things I would add if I were you, if possible that is:

1.) Dante's hair needs to be much longer, to the top of his neck, cause that's how long it really is.

2.) Dante needs a stronger build, he looks way too scrawny.

3.) I would add Dante's treachcoat to the skin, since he's always wearing it in the game, that plus it looks really cool when he moves around in it.

Other than that, everything looks fine. However, I was still only give you a 5 for your effort, sorry...


optikalilluzionPosted: 11/07/03 01:45   Report Abuse
Nice! As a DMC fan, this is pretty nice... Personally, I think it resembles the first Devil May Cry Dante model, rather than DMC2. He looked a bit different in the second. Either way, nice.

Funny, I was actually pondering the idea of making a Devil May Cry mod, complete with the Alastor Sword, Ebony and Ivory (Dante's Handguns), rocket launcher, etc.

If I go ahead with the project, you can assure I'm gonna ask you to join the development team. =D



JediDudeXPosted: 04/28/07 12:19   Report Abuse
It's fairly accurate, considering how difficult it is to create a perfect Dante for Jedi Outcast. Nice skin, man. 9


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