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This file contains the skin of Bleek. Suffering from a rare Rodian degenerative disease, Bleek relies on technology to survive. This rodian bounty hunter's physical disfigurement and prosthetic implants have become assets to him. Vicious and bitter, he finds a disturbing solace in the dark pleasure of killing for money. His hideous deformities and scaleless skin cause him to be feared and shunned by his race. His sight has been enhanced to see many energy patterns as well as the full light spectrum. Reflex stimulators implanted in his head, have increased his dexterity and agility. However, without his respiration unit, he would be dead in minutes... This skin contains a new taunt and bot support.


Level Info:

Download: Bleek
File Size: 1Meg
Date: 05/25/02
Author: Magnetixxx
Downloads: 1359


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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YodacrunchiesPosted: 05/25/02 04:32   Report Abuse
Not bad, though I would have liked to have seen the implant concept communicated and carried through the piece more strongly. An 8.


TheMixerPosted: 05/26/02 05:02   Report Abuse
Wow, I think this my personal favorite skin, second only to MOTSKyle. The Pinkish skin is part of the "Disease", if you'll notice the "Scaless" part in the info. (I think)


SmokeDrgn1Posted: 05/26/02 10:26   Report Abuse
Very nice, interesting story aswell.. the screenshots are abit too dark though - I hope to see some more skins from you (and some improvments on this, maybe?)


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 05/26/02 17:06   Report Abuse
I give it a 7.

Very well done, but id like to see the whole "implant" thing alll over (cirutry poping out of arms, etc) I've always been a fan of rodian skins, but this.... well, that pinkish skin...even if its from a disease...weird.


magnetixxxPosted: 05/26/02 20:17   Report Abuse
thanks for the comments...duly noted. The problem with circuitry and fine detail is that none of it shows up least not on my computer. look in the zip file, i put a jpg file in there that shows a level of detail not available in the game.


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