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You have been sent to investigate signals being sent from a canyon on the planet Tatooine. Though it is night and you can't see the Dune Sea, it is still very hot. As your speeder pulls around the corner you see a hovering cargo platform and a shadow moving in the torchlight...


Level Info:

Download: FFA Ancient Canyon
File Size: 1.5 Megs
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Tickles
Downloads: 1377


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 6
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TicklesPosted: 05/29/02 20:15   Report Abuse
The screenshots don't work.
[edit] It works now[edit]


PommyPosted: 05/29/02 23:11   Report Abuse
Hey! Great job! I remember seeing screens (actually, it wasn't that long ago) of this in the Showcase forums! My only bleaah is that the transition between rock textures and floor textures still...bleah. :)



TicklesPosted: 05/30/02 20:26   Report Abuse
I know. I didn't really know what to do so I left it. The screens that are there arn't of the finished thing. Download it and see...


Darth ChimeraPosted: 06/01/02 20:41   Report Abuse
Good work, but I really don't like it when people come up with storylines for multiplayer levels, it just kinda kills it, you know? Unless it is a co-op there is no need for a storyline


hawkofwarPosted: 06/02/02 06:21   Report Abuse
I had this map before they had it here and deleted it before they had it here. Its not really bad its just that it is by no means anything special. I'd rather play the retail included maps a hundered times before I'd play this once.


TicklesPosted: 06/02/02 08:52   Report Abuse
No actually I agree, this one is pretty bad. But every mapper is gonna make bad ones before he makes good ones. My Ancient Village is ALOT better.


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