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Small FFA map has two rooms one courtyard and one temple.The word Equinoxis means Season of the sun. Not too big for duling and not to small for FFA. Story behind the level: During the time when Desann was invading the Jedi academy he became aware of a small temple called Equinoxis not far from the Jedi academy in the hills, they were said to have mysterious water that gave the power of the force. Desann sent some troops and some miners up to see this eledged place and pump the water. The storm troopers that went up to that hill were never heard from again, the strong power of force in that had driven them all mad. Each one was blood thirsty and was ready to kill any one that came in.


Level Info:

Download: Equinoxis
File Size: 576k
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Tman
Downloads: 1812


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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PommyPosted: 05/29/02 23:13   Report Abuse
Looks good from the screens, I'll just have to download it to check it out. The only thing I'm worried about, looking at the amount of detail, is the fps.


Lorre TiernanPosted: 06/01/02 17:12   Report Abuse
Looks cool, haven't downloaded it yet, that first screenshot reminds me of a sketch of Beorn's hall in The Hobbit.


joe of loathPosted: 06/30/05 19:30   Report Abuse
lol just equinox uless it's spelt different were you come from lol


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