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I love all bandits, these are space bandits! Includes sounds, voices, skins, and multiplayer skins for normal, blue team and red team! Replaces all stormtroopers and commanders!


Level Info:

Download: Space Bandits
File Size: 3.5Megs
Date: 05/29/02
Author: The Shrimp King
Downloads: 521


Score (0-10): 1
# of Ratings: 4
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_Nergen_Posted: 05/29/02 22:00   Report Abuse
Perhaps actually adding noticeable detail in your skins would be your next step.


Seph31Posted: 06/06/02 07:01   Report Abuse
i give it a 1 for trying and putting at least 30 min total of work


FirHwk*3029*Posted: 06/21/02 03:59   Report Abuse
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISIM!! CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISIM!!!!!! people! please...yes the skin is not that good, but encourage the author to keep trying and help him out if you know a few things! Jeez!


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