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A long forgotten temple of the Sith, positioned high in the clouds of the gas giant Yavin. This is my first attempt at a real decent level. It consists of a large temple with a complete exterior and interior. The interior is based on a test map I first made for JO. I tweaked it a little and added an exterior plus a rooftop. This map is good for FFA, Jedi Master, and team games. There are also two duel maps that consist of just the inside and just the rooftop. Bots are highly discouraged, for they are too stupid to climb back to the top of the level and always fall off ledges. This map is great for cat and mouse. There is a lot of dark areas and long stretches along the outside for sniping.


Level Info:

Download: Cirrus Temple
File Size: 2.2Megs
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Paul S. Joseph (Element_JKnight)
Downloads: 1526


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 1
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XakPosted: 05/30/02 13:15   Report Abuse
The screens are rather dim so its hard to see what it is that you're rating. Next time set your brightness up a bit when taking shots to promote your level. :) From what I can make out though, this looks top notch! Keep up the good work.


Lord_Darth_HavocPosted: 06/16/02 04:49   Report Abuse
A bit dark, but well constructed. True enough about the bot issue...but I'm not too concerned about that, afterall multi-player is designed more for person-to-person combat, which this level makes very interesting.


RogoffPosted: 02/28/03 08:33   Report Abuse
This level is rather good!


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