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This mod changes the saber attack animations so that all stances attack faster. Other changes; AI and NPC improvements, Kyle's clothes are made dark, lightsaber cores are made thinner and the blur made sharper, saber colours among the reborn are varied and Kyle gets his orange saber from MotS back, the Briar model is replaced by the Imp Pistol, and, most importantly, Tavion's purple beard is gone.


Level Info:

Download: DarkMod
File Size: 768k
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Rob
Downloads: 4536


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 4
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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Hard DriverPosted: 05/30/02 01:28   Report Abuse
Please resize ur pics :). I like the ideas and I'm going to download it sometime. But if you make a next version please make the Bryar switchable with the DH-17 pistol(that's what it really is), I like my trusty Bryar pistol. Btw, if you removed the sparks like I think you did in the second pic, good job!


Rob100Posted: 05/31/02 00:58   Report Abuse
In hindsight, changing Tavion's tattoo and switching the model for the bryar was unnecessary, I just enjoyed making the little changes. And sorry, but I haven't removed any sparks, must just be a trick of the picture.

I am very angry at being accused off stealing the animation changes from this 'Ultimate Engagement patch', which btw I have never even heard of. I made all the changes myself, and it took a fair bit of time and wasn't too exciting. I don't appreciate being told that I ripped them from anywhere, I didn't.

That, the NPC changes, and the skin are what I think I've done well in this mod... *looks at score* 2! I feel so wonderful :P:D

I hope the Massassi people haven't included the screenshots in the download, the mod was supposed to be under 200kb :S I'll try to get that sorted.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/01/02 04:50   Report Abuse
I ended up liking the mod. The way you made Kyle's clothes dark was cool, except for some reason the orange lightsaber only showed up in cutscenes and the DH-17 was lopsided in first person mode. I think someone could remove the bad graphical glitches with the lightsaber if they really tried. After all, lordvader corrected the motion trail issue that I loathed(less than the graphical inaccuracy to the lightsaber blocking stuff).


PoodycatPosted: 07/03/02 19:52   Report Abuse
I hated Kyle's stupid brown outfit-made him look like Prince Charles playing polo. I never made a mod and rate this from a player-only perspective, that is how much it improves over the original game, not comparing it to any other mods or skins.
Now, if you will make a mod to entirely replace Kyle........


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 07/26/02 05:16   Report Abuse
Oh dear, the saber fade looks fake now...anyways I like the pistol, It's funny being a kyle like that and running around with that pistol and shooting Imperial Officers to death with it.


DingnatePosted: 09/23/03 17:55   Report Abuse
It cool, not to bad


joe of loathPosted: 04/26/05 14:58   Report Abuse
i hate that blooming bryar. i'll be glad to change... bang bang you're dead!


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