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An edited npcconfig file that gives 90% of the jedi a random lightsaber colour. Jedi, reborn, shadowtroopers, jedi trainers now have a random lightsaber colour. Luke, Tavion, Desann and Kyle still all have their default saber colours.


Level Info:

Download: Random Sabers
File Size: 520k
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Yun - Reborn (Chris Brown)
Downloads: 1258


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 7
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Hard DriverPosted: 05/30/02 01:14   Report Abuse
Damn, this looks NICE!!! Am going to d'load soon...


TNC_SidiousPosted: 05/30/02 13:36   Report Abuse
great now if someone (you?) made the same mod for bots it would be even better


Cl0ver_xPosted: 05/30/02 19:34   Report Abuse
first off you graphics card is the worst i have ever seen everything is all choppy and i dont think the idea of random saber colors is very cool. I might be wrong though


Gee_4cePosted: 05/30/02 19:36   Report Abuse
Sweet idea! And I second TNC_Sidious' idea :)


ReivenPosted: 05/31/02 02:03   Report Abuse
Wait a second, does this mean that the saber changes colors randomly while playing? Which would be very cool. Or does it simply give a random saber color when someone joins/respawns, which would be totally inane because you can do that manually very easily.


Lt. KettchPosted: 05/31/02 02:56   Report Abuse
It's for NPCs in-game. You can't change that manually. It's a great idea, but you should make it work on bots, too.


ReivenPosted: 05/31/02 03:23   Report Abuse
Oh, it's for the single-player game? Even so, I don't get what the big deal is about the sabers being random colors. It doesn't effect gameplay and in my opinion doesn't increase the fun in playing the single player game either. But that is just my opinion.


Hard DriverPosted: 05/31/02 16:58   Report Abuse
Guys, download Bot Sabers from jediknightii.net. It makes all the bots have appropriate lightsabers, such as Luke having his green one. The non-Jedi models just have a made-up choice, though. Btw, I liked this mod but I actually think if you had lightsabers that matched the Reborn's clothes it would be interesting. Plus, the Shadowtroopers are practically manufactured so I don't know if the Empire would let them be so personalised, but I could be wrong. After all, I've never read the Official Shadowtrooper's Field Manual.


ArchAngel_ZEROPosted: 08/06/02 05:03   Report Abuse
I liked this. it added a new touch to the game. When I read the matching saber color comment I thought "Why not?" You can get it at www.jediknightii.net in the modifications section or go here.


And again, good mod, but I like mine a little better. :)


XanatharPosted: 03/19/03 09:17   Report Abuse
I give this a 7.

I like the idea of random saber colors, but I'd prefer it if only certain characters were assigned random sabers.

For instance, Jedi and Jedi Trainer can be given random saber colors EXCEPT red (red is for Sith/Dark Jedi only). Reborn and Shadow Troopers can be given random colors EXCEPT blue or green, as they're "fake" Sith/Dark Jedi.

Tavion and Desann should have red, as normal, Kyle should have blue, again as normal, and Luke keep his classic green saber, for the same reason.

This would make a bit more believable seup, at least IMHO.

Then again, it may be even more justifiable if only the Jedi and Jedi Trainers had random sabers except red. After all, Shadow Troopers and Reborn consider Desann their master, and thus would likely have sabers of his color, red. Especially Shadow Troopers, as they might consider it a kind of "uniform", like their Cortosis armor.

Just my thoughts on the matter. If what I mentioned can't be done, or can only be done in part, let me know.


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