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A Duel/FFA map set in a wookie treehouse on thier home planet, Kashyyyk. Although it is selectable in FFA mode, it was really designed as a duel map. Bots are supported.


Level Info:

Download: Kashyyyk Treehouse Arena
File Size: 2Megs
Date: 05/29/02
Author: Tee
Downloads: 6105


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 24
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PengunPosted: 05/29/02 23:58   Report Abuse
Yes! Ownage by Tee once again.


Arashi_KagePosted: 05/30/02 00:09   Report Abuse
The first screen shot looks quite nice, makes me think of the long lost Star Wars Christmas special that Lucas destroyed all the copies of.


WazzitPosted: 05/30/02 00:17   Report Abuse
Great level! I give it a 10 alone just for the atmosphere it has. :)


PommyPosted: 05/30/02 00:34   Report Abuse
*Gasp* It's released!!! *Runs off screaming in joy*


RuShPosted: 05/30/02 00:35   Report Abuse
Nicely done level ,Very Nice looking, Good Job Tee.


XTRMNTRPosted: 05/30/02 01:12   Report Abuse
One of the best maps i've ever played, great Star Wars atmosphere, great game play...I gave it a 10.


VaderVinPosted: 05/30/02 02:58   Report Abuse
Yes! I can't wait to celibrate Life Day on this map :)


MrRavenXPosted: 05/30/02 04:50   Report Abuse
M4X4M4L L337N355!!!


TNC_SidiousPosted: 05/30/02 13:38   Report Abuse
amazing! nice one tee!


XephPosted: 05/30/02 18:24   Report Abuse
A level by Tee is a level for me. Downloading now.


Clone 1Posted: 05/30/02 19:56   Report Abuse
excellent atmosphere and feel its great one of the best levels i've downloaded better feel than duel of the fates lot faster to download too stupid 56k *kicks computer*


Shinmen MusashiPosted: 05/30/02 20:03   Report Abuse
*sigh* Tee, you make me wish I had JO. *curses his lack of gainful employment*


pur33vilPosted: 05/30/02 20:45   Report Abuse
Whats all the fuss about? The level is far too small and cramped, it feels more like and ewok setting than kasyyyk, how would wookies get about in there? Its too small.
What has been done looks very nice but maybe having a few of these dwellings interlinked or being able to go tree hopping would have improved the level.

Overall a good start but can be improved


Lt. KettchPosted: 05/31/02 03:09   Report Abuse
I saw the title and said "please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck" and then I saw the author and my fears were proved unnecessary. Awesome looking. Like pur33vil said, tree hopping would be great. Even without vines, you could just put adjacent platforms.

You know, on some worlds, it's a felony to wear an ewok as a swimsuit. Join SETE, Sentients for the Ethical Treatment of Ewoks!


HAK_ExNiHiloPosted: 06/11/02 05:27   Report Abuse
Dude, Tee, I was hoping you'd get into JK2 Level Editing. Man, it's darn good to see you back!!! If anyone is wondering if this is a good level or not, just look at the editor's name. TEE=Great Level.
Keep them coming!
Foundation Institute


sithlordx1000Posted: 08/15/02 16:59   Report Abuse
They had a level like this for the original Jedi Knight:DF2 Expansion Mysteries of the Sith that I really enjoyed so I'm glad you made this for Outcast. Like others said it needs to be alot bigger, and how about making us an Ewok village.


Galin_MasekPosted: 10/27/02 14:04   Report Abuse
Reminds me of good ole' SaberCraft back on the original JK.
Another great job Tee.


KeepaduPosted: 12/24/02 15:45   Report Abuse
It's a great lvl. Hope you continue making fine work for JO as you have for JK. I'm glad you finally have a chance to use all the "little touches" more freely now that weren't available in JK. It always did seem like you gave attention to every last detail as much as possible.
Can we expect to see ... what was it.. Slime or Sludge or something in JO?


TeePosted: 06/11/03 01:11   Report Abuse
Ah, you mean.. Scum! No.. no, I've moved on. *sigh*


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