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You have been sent to investigate signals being sent from a canyon on the planet Tatooine. Though it is night and you can't see the Dune Sea, it is still very hot. As your speeder pulls round the corner you see a hovering cargo platform and a shadow moving in the torchlight...


Level Info:

Download: FFA Ancient Village v3.0
File Size: 266k
Date: 05/31/02
Author: Tickles
Downloads: 1936


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 2
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TakimotoPosted: 05/31/02 03:42   Report Abuse
Tickles: I downloaded your level, and went to create a FFA game. However, it just stuck at the Starting screen, and never actually loaded. I'm not sure if others had this problem or not, but you might want to look into it. I didn't rate it yet, because I didn't want to judge it until I'd actually had a chance to play it.


DemosthanesePosted: 05/31/02 06:03   Report Abuse
My, those are dark screenshots, now arn't they. I'll D/L it later though. From the parts that I can see, it looks good.


TicklesPosted: 05/31/02 17:17   Report Abuse
Takimoto: Look in the readme. I think it says that as a bug or something. You'll have to load it up by typeing, map ffa_ancient_village
Its a problem I could never fix.
My other level works and I did exactly the same thing. Weird
Demosthanese: Its meant to be dark for effect and atmosphere.


TicklesPosted: 05/31/02 18:30   Report Abuse
Whoops I added the wrong readme. Its got the same as Ancient canyon.


DemosthanesePosted: 05/31/02 22:19   Report Abuse
I know, I like dark levels, but for one of the Screens, you could have boosted the gamma, so we could better see the archatecture. Nice map though. Still looking around. I'll rate it when I am done. (I never rate by first impressions)


darthfergiePosted: 06/02/02 14:57   Report Abuse
Good level but the bug is VERY anoying...sorry but I must give it a little lower score.


TicklesPosted: 06/03/02 20:35   Report Abuse
Its not particulary my fault. It could be something to do with me starting making it in Radiant then finishing it in GTK. Thats my only theory.


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