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You are on Nar Shaddaa as Kyle. You gave your R2 unit your light saber, and the droid was captured and disintegrated. But the bad man stole your saber and he is hiding.


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Download: Search for Lightsaber
File Size: 662k
Date: 06/01/02
Author: Jan "Lando" Swieck
Downloads: 2360


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 13
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bobafett_765Posted: 06/01/02 01:23   Report Abuse
Is this some kind of joke? I haven't played the level, but that's because I really don't want to. What's up with the plot? The 'bad man' stole Kyle's saber! Could the plot possibly get any worse? (that was a rhetorical question, by the way!) Try harder next time. I'll give it a 1 for effort


SavageXPosted: 06/01/02 04:54   Report Abuse
Yes, giving something a rating without playing it is pretty lame. That's like saying the girl that you're about to go on a blind date with is ugly and boring. How can you make that conclusion before you even meet the girl? Just because the plot in the description sounds simplistic doesn't mean the level is going to be that way. Play before you rate!

-- SavageX


DashMasterPosted: 06/01/02 05:15   Report Abuse
Yeah, you just got abuse reported on ya


THRAWN_18Posted: 06/01/02 05:37   Report Abuse
Though I have not downloaded the level (too busy playing Deus Ex and trying to beat it) and probably never will, you gotta consider this is actually one of the more original plot stories. Most plots are "Assassinate this person..." "Steal these..." "Escape from..." or "Rescue..." and usually end with Imperial bad guy, Imperial plans, detention centers and some character. But now you must locate your stolen lightsaber!


WeedoPosted: 06/01/02 10:58   Report Abuse
this level was really cool!! it was also pretty tough. But why did you put Gorc in it?


LandoPosted: 06/01/02 11:38   Report Abuse
Hey you all. That's my first level and I didn't know that I can use cleave in JED. But now I'm working on my new project RoL (Rescue of Lando, hehe) but name of this episode maybe will change...
[--- Lando ---]


LandoPosted: 06/01/02 11:42   Report Abuse
Oh, I put Gorc in becouse... Oh I dont know... Becouse I wanted to create some guy you cant defeat. (lol) Just esceape from him :P hehe


bobafett_765Posted: 06/01/02 13:39   Report Abuse
Jeez! Sorry guys. I didn't mean to cause such a problem. I just thought the plot seemed a bit poorly worded (ex. 'the bad man') If it makes any of you feel any better I'll download the level and try it.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 06/01/02 14:14   Report Abuse
Grr... I was gonna post a good long comment, but if got zapped when I put a ` after my username...

Here is my point:


Have an original plot. Word it so that people will get interested and download it. I won't download the best level in the world if the description sounds like it was written by a 5-year-old. The stroy of Lando has been told already. Make your own characters... it makes things much more interesting.

There is a good article on this:


[D6]KoobiePosted: 06/01/02 16:22   Report Abuse
Lamda, you never played JO, right? I mean, this doesen't have alot to do with it. In JO Kyle intentionally gives his saber to Luke, and locating it is just a little part of his Jedi training.

BTW, may I notice, that due to the fact that JO levels overrun Massassi, JK is dying. JO is a good game, but nothing can beat JK, which we so promtly love (or at least, I do). I think JO must go on

I did not yet play the level, so cant comment on that :)


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 06/01/02 16:25   Report Abuse
Yo, Lamda, reality check. First off, Raven developed the engine for the game, not the plot. The plot was from our boys at LucasArts.
Second, this plot was NOT stolen. In JO, you just have to find your lightsaber in a maze, where there are no threats of characters with blasters, or Gorc, or anything else. You just have to find it. In this level, the bad guy has stolen the lightsaber and it's your job to get it back from him. If you don't see the difference, keep staring at these words, and maybe they will the next time you read them.
Your rating is rude and totally unwarranted. Did you even bother to d/l and play it? Or have you made the same mistake that bobafett_765 made by jumping to conclusions?


WAR_BIOHAZARDPosted: 06/02/02 00:03   Report Abuse
all you people who are saying bad stuff about this level need to do some thinking.
here are some things to ponder.

it is his first level.

first things are never perfect.

it is almost impossible to come up with a truly original, exciting plot. his is good.

have you ever tried making a level?

why don't you and see what it is like, and how difficult?

you would probably change your thinking after you did.

he made this level for YOU.

he made this level for YOU, and anyone else with JO, for that you should be thanking him. sure, its ok to give him suggestions for things he could change or make better next time, but its not ok to start bashing his hard work that. why don't you make some levels and maybe you'll see it is very difficult to create a level that just works, let alone come up with a good plot.

to sum it up:
making a level is hard, don't bash other people's first one.


WAR_BIOHAZARDPosted: 06/02/02 00:04   Report Abuse
(forgot something)

lando, don't let these people disourage you. there are people who WILL appreciate your hard work and effort, so just ignore people that want to look for things wrong.


EHC_Gibraltar_4Posted: 06/02/02 04:25   Report Abuse
WAR_BIOHAZARD, I absolutely agree with you. Making a level is EXTREMELY difficult, and I admire those who try and have the courage to post it here, amidst us, the hecklers of the modding community. We keep forgetting that we, too, were once newbies at this and how difficult it was to create that first level. Hell, I still haven't made a decent room, let alone a level.
Lando, you really do have talent in this, and I hope you continue your work. There's some good stuff here.


ElmoPosted: 06/02/02 12:43   Report Abuse
it is his first level.
-okay, but if you know your level is bad or not good enough don't release it. I'm not saying don't release first levels but bad levels and betas shouldn't be released, not in this way.

first things are never perfect.
-see above

it is almost impossible to come up with a truly original, exciting plot. his is good.
-you're right with that, but his isn't really that great...

have you ever tried making a level?

why don't you and see what it is like, and how difficult?
-it's not that difficult to create something looking better than that.

This is not against the author or anybody it's just what I'm thinking. The level is not bad for a first try...


LandoPosted: 06/03/02 10:09   Report Abuse
1. I wanted to thank you WAR_BIOHAZARD and EHC_Gibraltar_4 :).
2. WAR_BIOHAZARD: Yes I'm ignoring that people (i dont like them).
3. I made this 1st level before Jedi Outcast was released :D (MUUHAHAHAHA) :D
4. Somebody can tell me where I can find freewere :P skin (and 3do, if it's needed) of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian?


Cloud_StrifePosted: 06/23/02 06:09   Report Abuse
Ok now I'm gonna d/l this level thinking positive. Most peole loved it in the comments. I will come back and rate it after I beat it and post another comment.


Cloud_StrifePosted: 06/23/02 06:53   Report Abuse
Man like I said I went in positive ond when I came out..........WOW!!!!! This is one good level! May I congratulate Lando! I had a good time with this and the traps kept getting me. One I had a problem with though was the elevator that went through the water. But the Trandoshin trap at the end!!!! That was a good one! My rating 10 out of 10! Make others like it Lando!


ConnemaraPosted: 07/04/02 14:16   Report Abuse
I'm not rating this level yet cause i just d/led it but haven't played it yet.

But geez people, lighten up! This poor guy prolly worked really hard this *original* plot of his, and then you guys treat him like an idiot. The bad man bit was probably a lighthearted joke. Jeez, the best names in level editing (such as AKPiggot) use the same types of humor all the time.

Now I am going to play the level, and I will return with my opinion.


ConnemaraPosted: 07/04/02 17:57   Report Abuse
Well, I played it, and I gotta say, I am VERY impressed! I only gave it a 7 because it is, of course, not a top notch level, but it is top notch for a first effort. This guy has tremendous potential! Lando, I commend you on your surprising originality. I hope to see a LOT more of your stuff, and some more involved and developed plots!

My only two criticisms- too short! I wanted more!

and some of the textures are a bit messed up, but then, I see that a lot.

And all you guys who are making fun of this level- go play it, mmkay?


OlamPosted: 07/31/02 21:54   Report Abuse
Gotta love insane plots!

Classics like Stole the Bottle cracked me up, and fighting Gorc who is almost impossible made me grin... and run!

I like this level, and gave it 7, for all those people that judge a level by 2 words.. go play the level! The guy that sotle the saber was a bad man! He was hardly gonna put a bad word and at least he wasn't boring by saying "a sith stole your saber" he was original...


MasterJediLukePosted: 08/18/02 10:28   Report Abuse
yeah, AKPiggot used 'baldy' a few times and only 1 person complained. Leave Lando alone, ans the same with his level. It's good for a first try (I can't even understand the editors...)
The 'bad man' joke was probably A JOKE. The actual game dosn't say 'bad man'.
Also, is English your first language, Lando?


Eric_LightheartPosted: 12/08/02 05:46   Report Abuse
"The force is strong in this one..."
-Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader)
I predict that Lando will go far in making levels for jk. Biohazard was right, making levels is hard. This is a near-perfect level (for a first try). 9/10.


CorranPosted: 12/30/02 19:59   Report Abuse
great level considering it was your first level. geat job! (9)


thegrumpyfrogPosted: 03/24/03 23:36   Report Abuse
Great for a first level. Heck, great by any standards.

Scores (5 is about the average rating):

~ Visual artistry: 6 out of 10. Not that much to look at, no interesting special effects, cutscenes, etcetera. But it was nice and clean and not overwhelming, the lighting was superb, and your texturing was OK. There was an easily correctable HUGE Hall of Mirrors effect where the conveyor is. That lost you one point.

~ Plot: 6 out of 10. New and interesting. Kyle has to deal with a common thug stealing his property. Very nice. The description was kinda odd, though. Neatness in the way the Loading and Objectives screens were designed count partly in this category and partly in Visual.

~ Fun factor: 7 out of 10. I didn't get bored, frustrated, or confused, and I had a good time playing with Gorc and stealing the weapons of all the Stormies in the hangar and herding them into the elevator shaft to be smooshed. Your clean flow helped you a lot here.

~ Level layout and integrity: 7 out of 10. Too short, some parts didn't make sense (the baddies and turrets in the med center really didn't make much sense, but that's forgivably small), and it could have used a few twists and turns. I did like the trick with the sewage waterfall where if you don't launch yourself off it really far you slam into the floor and die. Most players would tend to hug the wall as closely as possible and therefore get crunchen :)

Overall score: 7. Truly great for a first level.


JKD_AnakinPosted: 12/06/03 21:02   Report Abuse
ok didnt rate it cuz i didnt d/l it but since ppl like it so much im probably gonna d/l in the future


jedi master kamaPosted: 03/18/07 14:15   Report Abuse
The "bad man" thing is just a joke!


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