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This is a level based on Echo base at Hoth. Its best to use force seeing in this level as there are many shadows to hide in.


Level Info:

Download: Hoth Rebel Base
File Size: 1.4Megs
Date: 06/03/02
Author: Toby "Duo" Krause
Downloads: 4185


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 14
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duoPosted: 06/03/02 01:20   Report Abuse
Wow, this level is great!


Aharon-Jirair TerekPosted: 06/03/02 01:25   Report Abuse
It was a good level. The only problems I had with it was that it was too dark, and not much to it. If you were to make a v.2 I would make it a little lighter, and a few more rooms. But really good job.


Lord_Maul155Posted: 06/03/02 02:49   Report Abuse
OHHHH scary. It scary the crap out of me when poeple jump out of the shadow and pump be full if laser fire. Awesome level 8


Raiden_Zer0Posted: 06/03/02 04:43   Report Abuse
Don't have JO yet...but is there more to the level than just the Hanger?


IGF_hiPosted: 06/03/02 05:11   Report Abuse
Wow this lvl is cool its good to scare ur frnds


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/03/02 12:06   Report Abuse
Its fun to hide in the shadows and stalk your friends..when you stalked them enough just jump out of the shadow and scare them..MUHAHAHAH...Cool level..i give it an 8


Gary1337Posted: 06/07/02 03:00   Report Abuse
I don't like this map. I think it's dumb how you can go up and see the inside. That's mest up.


Colt_38Posted: 06/09/02 20:56   Report Abuse
im working on an Echo Base

and, you should bring up the lighting on this lvl


iron_jediPosted: 08/02/02 02:57   Report Abuse
there is nothing better than a well thought out level.
this map had great atmosphere with all the shadows and dim lighting.
if the base was expanded with all the corridors and small rooms and stuff it would be even better.
keep up the good work.
i give it an 8


Katarn's clonePosted: 08/16/02 19:37   Report Abuse
Cool. i loike it. will someone please tell me how to make mods!


MattimeoPosted: 10/19/02 16:49   Report Abuse
Looks Cool.Gonna have to try this one!


joe of loathPosted: 04/25/05 15:05   Report Abuse
looks good. i've played this on star wars: battlefront.


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