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This is my first level for Jedi Outcast, a saber training level. The map has many diverse dueling and sparring areas with their own difficulties. Along with these, there are many secrets to be found, if you know where they are. I hope you enjoy my map, and remember comments and suggestions are greatly valued. Thank you!


Level Info:

Download: AOJ Saber Arena
File Size: 1.7Megs
Date: 06/03/02
Author: AOJ_Iceman
Downloads: 1836


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 9
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SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/03/02 12:08   Report Abuse
This level is kinda cool but it could have been better.....(first comment)


FirestormTFPosted: 06/03/02 12:13   Report Abuse
Well there are alot of things wrong with this map. Ill just list them at this time.

Graphically- It feals unpolished, some of the chairs and furniture appear to float off the ground. The doors clip through the walls. Then of course at one of the bridges there is an invislbe wall which also causes the player to see the rest of the level. The architecture is quite dull, basically resulting in boxes for houses and rooms. The textures are monotonous. Then there is no snapshot of the level when its loading, just the JO logo.

Gameplay wise- Well first off this level is definatlly meant for saber lovers, since it has no guns or even any power-ups. In fact there is virtually no item placement at all in this level so be prepared to heal and drain alot. Almost all the dueling arenas award players who like to push or choke players off of ledges. One arena even somewhat copies off of the ending to Iron monkey, the rest of the dueling areas are your basic bridge over a pit. You also couldn't play this level without force jump at max either.

Final thoughts- Normally i wouldn't mind dueling in boxed rooms as long as there was some eye candy here and there. The small village would have been nice if it was bigger, had more rooms, and allowed guns. I think the author should have tweaked it more before releasing, cause as of now it's only worth a look but its nothing that you can't live without.


_Nergen_Posted: 06/03/02 14:14   Report Abuse
You make it sound terrible, Firestorm. I would suggest that if you were to make a clan map, either keep it within your clan or put TONS of effort into it. It might help build popularity. Keep it up; you'll become a pro yet.


BackslashPosted: 06/03/02 14:18   Report Abuse
I'm not rating the map, only because I'm an AOJ member lol.

For a first map, its pretty cool, lots of diversity with the arenas, but I get stuck in the hottub! (Is that even what that is? :D)


WAR_BIOHAZARDPosted: 06/04/02 18:45   Report Abuse
i like the disco arena. nice.


Bus DriverPosted: 06/06/02 18:15   Report Abuse
...I give it a 10 for effort....


TakimotoPosted: 06/07/02 08:13   Report Abuse
"...there are many secrets to be found, if you know where they are." That's paradoxal. It implies that the only way to find the secrets is if you already know where to look. So, I guess you must have found all your secrets. Anyways, I didn't rate the level, cuz I didn't download it.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/08/02 03:35   Report Abuse
It also means you should try looking for them....


saberopusPosted: 06/09/02 00:58   Report Abuse
pretty good as far as i'm concerned ice, considereing I have made only one level myself...

thanks for the help with that by the way, and all you guys who dissed THIS should have a field day with mine, as i've only been editing for a month...!


ArcanoxPosted: 06/15/02 17:13   Report Abuse
Pretty simplistic, needed alot more in terms of being dynamic



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