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AD-88 is a black droid skin based on the shadowtrooper model. It is a guardian droid, which are used to protect the assigned beings against harm. This particular droid is the property and friend of the Jedi Knight Qui-Zan Buuzza (another one of my skins). It is proficent with various weapons, and is very accurate with a blaster, making guardian droids a dangerous adversary.


Level Info:

Download: AD-88
File Size: 559k
Date: 06/07/02
Author: Prime
Downloads: 2124


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 11
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Logo By Rieekan []

User Comments:

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alexking444Posted: 06/07/02 22:32   Report Abuse

I like it! Very detailed! good job! Also looks awsome!

Ill give you an 8!


drizzt2k2Posted: 06/08/02 01:12   Report Abuse
very detailed? awesome work? bah...4


Hard DriverPosted: 06/08/02 03:25   Report Abuse
Not as good as Primus or Qui-Zan, but you did a good job.


PrimePosted: 06/08/02 04:50   Report Abuse
Yeah, I don't think it is as good as Primus or Qui-Zan, but I didn't spend too much time on it. I just wanted to have a skin that I kind of liked. So, dispite its many flaws, I'm sort of happy with it. I didn't set out to create the best ever skin. I just thought that there might be one or two others that might want it. Sorry you didn't like it drizzt2k2. People can either take it or leave it :)



drizzt2k2Posted: 06/08/02 15:34   Report Abuse
someone is using my name to put posts i ddint put that...probably my brother but i like the face


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/10/02 07:21   Report Abuse
Correct me if i am wrong but a jedi is not supposed to actually OWN any material object ?


PrimePosted: 06/11/02 19:56   Report Abuse
Qui-Zan is from the new breed of Jedi trained by Master Skywalker. As far as I know, thay can have material possessions (e.g. Luke has R2)


WedgiePosted: 06/20/02 15:11   Report Abuse
Looks Good


strife_7Posted: 06/24/02 04:28   Report Abuse
Looks like a skinnier black Robocop. I like it.


shadowsithPosted: 08/14/02 01:54   Report Abuse
it looks like a shadow trooper that has been taken over by a demon. otherwise, it was good....10


MoDaNPosted: 12/15/02 13:48   Report Abuse
this skin is shit

PS: Ive been looking 4 a skin like this 4 ages



Jedi Knight_JoshuaPosted: 01/28/03 00:44   Report Abuse
I give it a nine it looks cool can you please tell me how to do it?


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/10/03 19:27   Report Abuse
Neat idea, neat skin. Next time try to make up a new name...

H.Q. Pendragon


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 04/10/03 19:28   Report Abuse


JidePosted: 07/08/03 18:04   Report Abuse
very good work. not very original, but i like it. its a very refreshing change for the shadow trooper


vadermanPosted: 08/29/05 20:29   Report Abuse
do you mean 8t-88 from JKDF 2? If you do he was a uniqe droid whose legs and arms were very skinny. i rate 4 (2 for work and 2 for looks)


Van_XanPosted: 05/15/08 06:34   Report Abuse
this is a cool skin but you only changed the head i think you should change more but this is a nice skin. i think 8.


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