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This mod is part of The 'Attack of the Clones' total conversion. It re-creates the thick 'blades' of Episode 2. All colors are available.


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Download: Episode II Saber Modification
File Size: 429k
Date: 06/10/02
Author: Ben Dalglish
Downloads: 5322


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 12
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Hard DriverPosted: 06/10/02 05:25   Report Abuse
This isn't all that good. I much preferred the sabers in Rob's Dark Mod. But you're getting there.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/10/02 05:37   Report Abuse
I'm sorry. Once I looked at it again I realised that you did a hell of a lot better than Raven first did. I'm just wondering what technical issue it is that limits modders from removing the light flare and making the tip completely rounded. I know that one guy on jkii.net removed the motion blurs from the sabers, but I'm not sure it's possible for the light flares. Hmmm.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/10/02 06:50   Report Abuse
C'mon people, check this out! It's an awesome saber. I recommend everyone download it and slap that sucker DIRECTLY into the /GameData/base directory. I'll take this over Raven's version anyday. Please people, my score was bad for this!


JediMarinePosted: 06/10/02 12:34   Report Abuse
My new default sabers!! I Give it a perfect 10!


EmonPosted: 06/10/02 14:18   Report Abuse
AotC does not actually have blades that are THAT much thicker. They are thicker a tiny bit, and the blades are more crisp around the edges, and the glow is spread out more.

I give it a 2. -5 because it's not worth even playing (the EP1 and Trilogy sabers are better, they add dynamic lights to the blasters) and -3 for inaccuracy when it's SUPPOSED to be accurate.


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 06/10/02 17:15   Report Abuse


Cal-RycPosted: 06/10/02 18:21   Report Abuse
Very nice mod. I definately like these sabers better than the one Raven made.


FirestormTFPosted: 06/10/02 23:37   Report Abuse
Actually the lightsaber isn't even suppose to be completely flat like that either. In reality its suppose to resemble a cone like shape.


ShadowXPosted: 06/11/02 03:58   Report Abuse
This is a good 'easy' step to making the sabers look more like the movies; however, I think it would be much more beneficial if the normal JK2 saber look is retained since it captures all the glow elements nicely, although I don't know about the round glow at the bottom... it would be best removed. Next, somewhere in the code, there must be a way to stretch the saber texture and glow horizontally so that all the accurate core and glow style would be then stretched appropriately to match the glow of the movies. Of course, I'm fresh from seeing Attack of the Clones again today, and I paid special attention to the lightsabers this time (as if I don't usually heh). In other words, the white core of the default textures should match the width of the white core in this mod without overwriting the cool transluscent saber color between the core and the outer glow. I notice this transluscent color is quite prominent in all the movies (save for some of the worse A New Hope shots, like in the Falcon where it's pure white practically). Of course, it's more refined in Episode II, which has several closeups of sabers.


Two_SoxPosted: 06/14/02 00:19   Report Abuse
First off I'd like to thank everyone for there compliments/critisism.They have all been taken into account.

Just thought I'd let you know that this is the first mod of any kind I've created. I'm actually the Sound Editor For AOTC TC!

This is only the beta test version of the mod, there will be regular updates as I fine tune the 'blades'.

In relation to 'no-glow' in saber lock. I don't think you actually downloaded it before commenting, as there is glow. I just chose a Screenshot where it wasn't present so you can see the blades more clearly.

Another thing, about the blade being 'pointed' or 'cone like' I used accurate resource material, and can assure you they arn't cone shaped. Sorry.

Again I will say this is the first of many versions, so keep checking back.

Thanx again for the comments.

Ben Dalglish


Hard DriverPosted: 06/14/02 01:07   Report Abuse
You are so cool, ShadowX. I agree with you on the sabers. But IMO the so-called "Episode II" sabers don't look any different than in Episode I. And yes everyone the tips are VERY rounded. I have the AOTC Visual Dictionary and can see it pretty clearly. My only big complaint is about one of the colors in this mod: the blue is kind of off. That's okay though, I just go along with Kyle having a lighter blue lightsaber. And even though I said to one of your crew that AOTCTC would fail, by now I hope that it doesn't and I regret being such a jackass to him(can I say that?). Until your project is released, I can't wait till the next version of this soon-to-be godlike lightsaber design, keep it up guys!


FMTPosted: 06/21/02 21:56   Report Abuse
Wicked mod, I like it coz EP2 is the only Star Wars film which i understand, i also seen The Empire Strikes Back but i didn't know what the hell was going on.

BTW, playing JK2 has taught me a lot about the world of STAR WARS...


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/22/02 03:16   Report Abuse
This is pretty good, I gave it a 10/10.


SithHunterPosted: 06/25/02 02:02   Report Abuse
Good little pack you have here. Only one suggestion, make red saber look like Dooku's. Other than that, gj


Shadow WarriorPosted: 07/04/02 20:06   Report Abuse
This mod is great!Thanks!Now my lightsaber is = of the originals!


ArchAngel_ZEROPosted: 07/07/02 04:22   Report Abuse
Good job, but maybe a little less glow, or fade it out more. The edges of the glow seem to distinct. 8


yohomiejoehomiePosted: 10/21/02 02:34   Report Abuse
Does anyone know if this is a conversion or does it replace all the sabers?


yohomiejoehomiePosted: 10/21/02 02:34   Report Abuse
ahhh sorry didnt see that total conversion heheeh nm


Two_SoxPosted: 10/24/02 01:19   Report Abuse
Just to let you know I finished with the Aotc Total conversion,It wasn't going anywhere fast.(Best of luck to them though)
I apologise for the 1.1 version, It bites!
I will be re-doing some minor flaws in the original.
-Glow edges being visible
-Core width
-Slighty tapering of the blade
Thanx for all your comments.
It won't be released for a while as I'm working nights till after christmas.

See ya round guys & Gals,


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