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This is a small saber level set on a platform built on a hilltop.  Best for small FFA or Duel matches. Enjoy!


Level Info:

Download: Altitude
File Size: 736k
Date: 06/10/02
Author: Radice
Downloads: 2028


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/10/02 18:59   Report Abuse
When you said you were finished editing JK, I thought you were finished editing in general. Looks like I thought wrong. :]

Good to have ye back, Radice.

As for the rating, the level would be excellent if I could actually download it!

[insert obligatory 'w00t first post' here]

[EDIT] scratch that, thy actually finished uploading it, I guess ;], I'll go play it now. [/EDIT]


ZechPosted: 06/18/02 15:40   Report Abuse
Love it, ;) I wish I was that good, ;) I give it an eight, i'd give it something better but I havent tried it yet.



SaeoS_Posted: 06/18/02 15:59   Report Abuse
This is another impressive level made by radice he one of my favorite level editors good job radice you guys should get it yeh


iron_jediPosted: 08/02/02 02:43   Report Abuse
when someone actually takes the time to make a good level, it definitely shows.
thankfully this is the case with this map.


Kawasaki_IJPosted: 12/23/02 21:19   Report Abuse
I like the "Non Rectangular" style you put into this map.


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