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This is the very well known saber battle area from Episode One. It includes the main reactor area.


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Download: Episode I: Duel of the Fates
File Size: 8MB
Date: 06/10/02
Author: Cur-Gan Javaa
Downloads: 5089


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 12
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Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/11/02 00:25   Report Abuse
Wow.... this guy is like the wrecking ball of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

There are several other maps that are in production and have been released of this area, which will unfortunately result in lower ratings by most other users, but I laud your attempt. Keep on... err... truckin. :]


OOOO_O7O))((DingoPosted: 06/11/02 01:00   Report Abuse
The maps not THAT bad, it just needs work.

btw, I got a DotF map coming soon, also have to find my NebulanCruiser I made for Q3A, then I'll prolly do the rest of Theed Palace and hanger...


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 06/11/02 02:18   Report Abuse
Why are all the in-considerate bozo's start posting, now that JO is out?!?! Jez** why do these people just dis people? Just for fun? I don't think thats a good reason, Nice try man, Make the area bigger next time, and btw is this your first level?


EmonPosted: 06/11/02 03:50   Report Abuse
I am sick of seeing DotF levels. When will someone make the end battle arena from EP2, or PROPERLY remake the carbon freeze chamber and gantry from ESB? How about the thrown room from RotJ? Haven't yet seen GOOD versions of these.


_DI_KrypticosPosted: 06/11/02 05:21   Report Abuse
smoke.... shut up please.


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/11/02 08:27   Report Abuse
This level is really sucks...if you want the best episode I duel of the fates level then go to www.jedioutcastmaps.com this level is HORRIBLE


KcalPosted: 06/12/02 00:06   Report Abuse
First off, I want to comment on the fact that most Duel of the Fates Episodes are set up incorrectly. In the final duel in episode 1, Maul is knocked down a story, and then off to the left is where the forcefield room is, however, in most levels, I keep noticing people putting it straight in front of the doors.


Twisted BladePosted: 06/14/02 22:22   Report Abuse
I gave it a two for the good try. By the way, I don't mean to be argumentative, but I do believe that the big force field thingy room is to the foreward-right of the entrance to the large room. Try watching the whole battle in slo-mo like I do almost daily(really).


DathPollutionPosted: 06/22/02 12:21   Report Abuse
This is a great map and I really enjoy it! The map makes a lot of fun! It's very well mapped! Gratulations! The music is a good as well. To the mappers: Go on mapping such maps!


5 DPosted: 07/02/02 00:52   Report Abuse
I gave this map a 3.

Though you took a step in the right direction by making this map, it didnt come out in a way most people liked.

Its a great idea to make this map but you just need to work on it.


Silent_HawkPosted: 08/06/02 19:42   Report Abuse
The level isn't THAT bad. But it aint that good either.

EMON, you say you want to see a thrown room from ROTJ? Why don't you boot up the death star level in FFA. Its allready on the disk. And it looks a little scaled down, and you can't cut down the walkway with a saber throw. but other than that its there..


{dm}Beaver_of_DOOM!!Posted: 08/21/02 20:28   Report Abuse
It isn't as good as some versions that i have played, but I can't say any thing else bad about it. Download it if you want to have some fun.


livingdeadjediPosted: 10/14/02 19:55   Report Abuse
Kcal m8 sorry but you dont know how utterley wrong youve got it. Twisted BLade is spot on.

Well according to the plans and the books anyway LOL the room is ALSWAYS foreward

but in the film they actually go back towards hanger when maul is knocked down ,because lucas made a mistake and got them going the other way HAHAHAHAHAHA


livingdeadjediPosted: 10/14/02 20:01   Report Abuse
oh and one more thing, if you can afford it get the DVD, in the cutscenes it clearly shows maul and the others jumping up to the top bit above main walkway.

YOU know its the main walkway maul falls to as the main walkway has a set of lights on it but all the other walkways have other differently designed lights on it.

and i have other sources high up m8 so no more it goes this way or that way please thankyou =]]]


agentcopper123Posted: 03/01/03 23:23   Report Abuse
Cool, The map has everything as in episode 1:The Phantom Mentace, even where anakin take off it a ship,where gui-gon gets killed and even where obi-wan kenobi kill darth maul and even those red laser beams where obi wan tried to get through the red laser beams to kill darth maul, this is the best map in the whole wide world, and did i say it has everything?


Darth SediousPosted: 04/14/03 23:28   Report Abuse
Hey at least he tried.
but i saw a really cool DotF [Map but it is on www.Jedimoves.com it is 20 Mb of Dl.
it has all the sheild towers and stuff. and it's got the music too.


Deathcheep14Posted: 04/07/07 18:12   Report Abuse
You know what!

To my opinion this is the best Dotf map for Outcast and academy!Yeah you heard me well.
I respect your opinions and don't think your rating is wrong cause you have the rights to think for yourselves.
I just think this the best from them all and it has a great funfactor!
BTW:Emon,you should try the following:-Geonosis hangar from Cur-gan Javaa.
-Carbonfreeze 2 from Livingdeadjedi.
-Throneroom from Nwo Deadlock.
I just called the names of my 3 fav. Authors :)
It's only a pity that livingdeadjedi's making only maps for JKA the last time:(.But that's their choice:).


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