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I noticed that someone already made one but here's my version of the Episode 2 sabers anyways. I lightened up the blue saber to match the era, also gave the red sabers a yellow hue to their cores (like in Jedi Knight), seems to look good. Hope you all enjoy my first mod, unfortunately someone beat me too it, AND the Matrix hall map... darn.


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Download: Episode2Sabers
File Size: 312.1KB
Date: 06/10/02
Author: Darth Re'di
Downloads: 2227


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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JoelBannerPosted: 06/11/02 00:45   Report Abuse
Looks good, but I already have the trilogysabers/episode1 sabers. I was just wondering, where can I get the Matrix hall map? If you have it please send it to me at JoelBanner@Yahoo.com. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Great mod!


Katarn's clonePosted: 06/11/02 02:44   Report Abuse
Cool mod. i give it an 8. brightining the blue saber was a good idea but giving the red saber a yellow hue was not so good of an idea. also, please, anyone, i need a mod that either gives enemys more health or disables damage from force powers, please make one!


Oz_the_WizPosted: 06/12/02 18:45   Report Abuse
I'm not gonna rate it, but I do think the yellow hue in the red lightsabers does look cool. I just got Trilogy/EP1 sabers though, and I am pleased.
Anyway, good work.


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/22/02 03:27   Report Abuse
This is OK, not as good as the other ep2 saber mod, but it's pretty good. Except for the orange blur (I never noticed it), and that the static field is sorta messed up, it's great. 8/10


Manslayer01Posted: 02/05/05 20:24   Report Abuse
Well Katarn's clone, we (the full game enhancement mod team [http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?p=1731536#post1731536] are working on a mod that will do that and lots more, plenty more, we need help, in case anyone wants to help.

nice mod dude i give it a 9 cuz it ain't perfect, but it is a very nice mod


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