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Changes the saber clash sounds to better ones from the movies and rises the volume of all saber sounds to make more movie-like duels. I did this mod a week ago, and now i cant uninstall it, its just way better than the original clash sounds.


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Download: Samsagazīs Saber Sounds
File Size: 633 KB
Date: 06/12/02
Author: Alejandro Jiménez "Samsagaz"
Downloads: 3733


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 15
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Yun - RebornPosted: 06/12/02 12:00   Report Abuse
A nice improvement, i give it a 9. "it does exactly what it says on the tin" :)


Cal-RycPosted: 06/12/02 15:46   Report Abuse
Amazing. I found myself having that "yay a new game" feeling again. Great sounds, excellent job!


SamsagazPosted: 06/12/02 16:03   Report Abuse
Thanks :D


JediMarinePosted: 06/12/02 16:53   Report Abuse
Samsagaz! Great job with this pack! The sounds totally make the game ten times better then before!
give ya a 10


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 06/12/02 17:09   Report Abuse
Great job, gave it a 9. No offense, but the screens don't illistrate much.


Darth ChimeraPosted: 06/12/02 21:27   Report Abuse
Haha, i must say, the mod was excellent, gave it much more of a star warsy feel.


Love the screen shots...


SamsagazPosted: 06/13/02 07:40   Report Abuse
Well, at least the screens have a pretty good resolution XD

/me enjoying my 20 minutes of fame, lol :D


Hard DriverPosted: 06/14/02 01:18   Report Abuse
I don't see the point of screens for a sound replacement mod...But if this does what everyone says then hell I'm getting it now!


Two_SoxPosted: 06/14/02 12:20   Report Abuse
Great Mod.

Adds real 'FEEL' to the game. Better than the Raven Sounds.

I recomend you download this imediatly!

I give it a 10.

Nice work!


Jedi HowellPosted: 06/14/02 16:14   Report Abuse
Wonderful sounds. A 9 because the clash sounds were quite a bit louder than the swings, so it was a little wierd. But the clash sounds themselves were very nice.

Now all I have to do is rename your pk3 to assets3.pk3, and I'm all set....mwahhahahahahahahaha!



EZ8Posted: 06/14/02 19:03   Report Abuse
Woot! New cool sounds ;). 10/10


koyamaPosted: 06/15/02 02:30   Report Abuse
accidentally hit post twice


koyamaPosted: 06/15/02 02:31   Report Abuse
Yeah, the clash sounds are well done. I like how when you kinda just tap the sabers it has the apporopriate little "ksh" sound. But you should've balanced out the other saber sounds like the swings and laser blocks. This is what it's like when I play:

quiet swing
quiet laser block

It'd be awesome if you beefed up the other sounds.


pur33vilPosted: 06/17/02 21:28   Report Abuse
This mod has really given the saber battles a more 'movie' feel. I didnt think that the sounds would make much difference but I was VERY wrong. I give this a 10


FMTPosted: 06/21/02 21:52   Report Abuse
This MOD is highly recommended if you've got bored of the old sound effects. It also give JK2 a whole new feel to it, it's just like when you first bought it.


10/10 :D


Hard DriverPosted: 07/01/02 02:44   Report Abuse
I use this by default and forgot to say anything. Very good. The sounds are well balanced out IMO.


AlyssaPosted: 07/01/02 13:12   Report Abuse
Very, very well done. This is exactly the kind of mod of which we should be seeing alot more. It enhances the "movie" flavor of the game quite dramatically. This day in age, it's hard to find mods that do so with any reliability.

I give you a 9 for this fantastic sound mod. 1 point deduction for the relative imbalance in volume levels (yes, it is noticeable), and for the apparent lack of a unique sound when the saber is cutting into walls and other surfaces.


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