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This file adds a new skin (plus red/blue CTF variants) to the skin selection menu in multiplayer. The skin is a representaion of the 181st Imperial TIE Pilot featured in the Dark Horse Comicbook X-Wing: Rogue Squadron first appearance was in "In The Empire's Service". Bot included. Bot has attachment to the Baron Fel skin made by me.


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Download: 181st Imperial TIE Pilot
File Size: 949KB
Date: 06/12/02
Author: Theron
Downloads: 2379


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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DS-181-61Posted: 06/12/02 22:48   Report Abuse
WHAT IS THIS? Yes I shouted. With the exception of the helmet, that is not a Tie Fighter Pilot Uniform! For Vader's sake, what is wrong with you? Now, that I let that out, alright, do not use a comic for skins, they generally do a bad job depicting uniforms. Also, Tie Fighter uniforms are all black, as in no other colour except for Insignia and the control buttons. The Helmet is the only nice thing on it, so, do a better job on the body next time. You've got potential. Please, we need more Imperial Skins, but do an excellant job on the entire thing.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/13/02 11:34   Report Abuse
The irony of this is that his name is the callsign of a 181st pilot.


TSCPosted: 06/13/02 14:34   Report Abuse
Well, can't please everyone now can I. Also, I know TIE Pilots wear all black. And since there is a TIE Pilot skin included with the game, what's the point in making another one.


KeiranHalcyonPosted: 06/14/02 15:51   Report Abuse
I may not know anything, but i think i know this... I am pretty darn sure that the 181st uniform does have the red trim... At least the TIEs do so i just thought...
Correct me @ stuartjc2_271@msn.com


DS-181-61Posted: 06/14/02 18:19   Report Abuse
The Tie Fighter craft of the 181st does have a red trim, denoting the Corellian Bloodstripes, as earned by DS-181-4 for his 10 kills in a single battle. The uniforms of the 181st do not have the red piping on thier uniforms, bbut if they did, it would only be along the pant seams, not extending all the way to the shoulder.


TSCPosted: 06/17/02 14:08   Report Abuse
Making this skin I was going by what I saw from the comicbook "In the Empires Service", and "The New Essential Guide to Characters". Only thing I did not add was the kneepads and other straps.


Red KnightPosted: 07/02/02 20:32   Report Abuse
I thought it was a pretty good skin, actually.


Hobsy84Posted: 03/21/03 05:18   Report Abuse

The red stripe is not limited to the pants, it is as depicted in the skin screenshot. Save for the lack of holster on the right hip and kne pads, this is a perfect skin of Baron Soontir Fel and all 181st pilots. I think it'd be cool to make one with his helmet off. Or maybe Turr Phennir, the man who took over command after Fel left.

I give this skin a 10/10, as it depicts Fel really really well and to take its average up after all of you took it down with your false information. I made 4" model of Soontir Fel last year and I've seen dozens of pics of him.
de_fluke@hotmail.com e-mail me if you'd like to see the pics of the model.


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 00:56   Report Abuse
Great job on the model, I was wondering if I could use it for my upcoming mod?

heres some info about the mod

I starting modding the sims two about a month ago and then I decided it would be more fun to make mods for outcast. The mod is a different one but im planning to make it a total conversion, ive got the models but some of them arent working right and I sorta want to make new maps too. If there is anyone who is interested in helping make maps, models, or helping at all with this mod then please contact me at metallica_st.anger2@hotmail.com I would like to tell you more about this mod but I will save that until you email or message me just to keep it origional and not let the mod idea get out. Sorry I cant fill you in more but if you get back to me then I will be sure to fill you in. Credit for the models goes to everyone here at massassi.net as well as marzmarshall for his inspirationally good models. Marz if your reading this, keep up the good work.


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