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My first level so its crappy key level. You stumbled upon an Imperial base you have to find your way out. Next level you will have to pay back c3po for saving you. Contact AIM: Lsevenweknee


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Download: Mission: Stay Alive
File Size: 95KB
Date: 06/12/02
Author: Slade Sizemore (oobidoobanoobi)
Downloads: 1438


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 5
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Master_DeShadePosted: 06/19/02 14:47   Report Abuse
Well I just downloaded it. I don't think I'll be as disappointed as I was with a few of the Dead Reckoning levels. I mean, it was just too bright for my taste. I'll come back when I have a rating for you.


Matt02Posted: 07/05/02 05:59   Report Abuse
o.....................k this must be a newbie level, although it's good for newbies but not for me. I beet this game in 1 minute... The hardest stay alive game I played was sith planet SP.hint:" Look around for secrite areas in sith planet"


ConnemaraPosted: 10/27/03 20:46   Report Abuse
I actually liked a lot of things about this level. It was obviously not very involved or complex, but the architecture shows true originality, which is rare in JK. It was fun, though very short. I gave it a five. :)


MoF_BlackKnightPosted: 03/05/04 05:45   Report Abuse
you know... I have to be honost, this level sucked as far as reg play goes but then I realized that this was the kind of level that I was looking for. for the people that read this, Play it with SS3 8.5 and feel just like james bond oh yeah its that great! please make more like this.


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