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nova compiled the source code that was released by Raven in the second release of the JK2 editing tools, which is what Raven wanted the 1.04 patch to be. So this is basically an unofficially-released 1.04 patch for JK2, with no changes made except those by Raven. Of course, anyone could download the JK2 editing tools and compile the source code that comes with it, but this way it's done for you, and everyone can download this "U104 mod" and play it.

Note: This is packaged as a mod, not an installable patch. This means that you can put this PK3 file in your base directory and still join 1.03 games. It's like skins or levels in that if you have it, but the server doesn't, it will simply be ignored.

Update: The PK3 file should be named "u104mod.pk3", NOT "104mod.pk3". This zip file has been updated. If you downloaded this mod already, rename your PK3 file. If you don't you may have problems, including hosting servers. See updated readme file for more info.


Level Info:

Download: Unofficial 1.04 Patch Mod
File Size: 547 KB
Date: 06/13/02
Author: Raven Software
Downloads: 5862


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 7
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JarethKPosted: 06/13/02 20:12   Report Abuse
So then, what's the U104 mod? I'm not quite clear on what this patch/mod is for... ???:(


EmonPosted: 06/13/02 21:12   Report Abuse
It balances saber and gun combat. Flechette/repeter only take 15 ammo, backstabs are much more blockable, etc.


koyamaPosted: 06/14/02 00:51   Report Abuse
I think what they mean is that its kind of like a pre-release patch. However, they cant release it as a patch so they turn the patch's changes into a mod so everyone can use it. I'm just gonna wait until an official patch release. But, I'm glad they weakened backstab and the kick thing. It's really annoying to see people relying on those.


blujayPosted: 06/14/02 01:42   Report Abuse
Don't hold your breath on that patch, koyama. This may be all we get.


eLs.DarkLordPosted: 06/14/02 08:07   Report Abuse
I like the changes Raven did (yes, they are done by Raven themselves) to 1.03a ('1.04' here) a lot. They balance out a whole lot of the game.
Well i wouldn't have made even another MOD based on this if i wouldn't like it I guess.

I rated it 7, because its really good, but i have some small issues;

1. It should have been official. I know there won't be another patch till LucasArts decides there is *need* for it, but still ... :/
2. Some issues remain (nah, not in the mood for a complete listing *g*)
3. lack of a more detailed readme, showing off all the changes Raven did to 1.03a
4. I still don't like the name that much, but I guess it was the right decision to name it 1.04 just to make sure people would *care* about it... most people don't even recognize the *a* differentiating 1.03a from 1.03 ;)


YuLawPosted: 06/16/02 00:25   Report Abuse
Yes I am truly happy to say that this makes the Star Wars most popular weapon, the Jedi's Lightsaber into a mere toothpick. I don't see what all the fuss is about. A lightsaber is supposed to be the best weapon in the game to have. With this mod, it seems that guns are at the top of the food chain. I sincerely hope Raven doesn't follow the path of this mod.


TaLoN_of_BHGPosted: 06/19/02 20:32   Report Abuse
How does raising the sabers damage make it a toothpick? The guns are the same pretty much just a minor ammo change. I give this an 8 and I am happy to say I now enjoy playing somthing other than nf saber duels lol. As a matter of fact, I like playing all types of games again now that we have somthing better than that crappy 1.03 to go with.


PoopyPantsPosted: 06/21/02 21:24   Report Abuse
If i install this mod, will i be able to play with all players including the ones that didnt install this? or will i just be able to play with the people who installed it?


Jasco SmleePosted: 06/23/02 00:24   Report Abuse
If only Raven released this as a proper patch :-(
Server admins, check out this link for a tip on installing this mod server-side:


Silent_HawkPosted: 08/06/02 17:48   Report Abuse
Well, I'm sold.


KurganPosted: 12/12/03 20:32   Report Abuse
So somebody took the official source code and compiled it (using the changes Raven already put in the code) as an "unofficial patch."

Well it's pointless now because the Official 1.04 patch has been out for ages. Ah well, a piece of history!


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 02:38   Report Abuse
Whenever I try to run this, I get a "version 7 found expected 6" error. What's up with that?


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