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This is a new 'Jedi Knight 2: Outcast' Single Player map, loosely based on the Gall level of 'Shadows of the Empire'. This is the extended version of the map.


Level Info:

Download: Gall Spaceport Single Player Map (extended)
File Size: 12.7Megs
Date: 06/13/02
Author: GidionTheDead
Downloads: 10218


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 10
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TerraPosted: 06/13/02 20:02   Report Abuse
Isn't the file listed wrong? it says Jedi Knight but it's for Outcast.

I'll download and try this later, looks good from the pictures anyway.


JarethKPosted: 06/13/02 20:10   Report Abuse
Cool, this really takes me back to SotE!!! ^_^ And yes, this is a JO level.

Good stuffz!


MoridinPosted: 06/13/02 20:17   Report Abuse
I want to but can't d/l it.


JarethKPosted: 06/13/02 20:26   Report Abuse
That's becasue you are linked to:

It should be:


Aharon-Jirair TerekPosted: 06/14/02 01:36   Report Abuse
I just got done playing the level. It was a pretty good level, I gave it a 7. The gameplay was pretty cool, the only thing is, it needs a storyline, it was lacking a plot. Other than that, keep up the good work. I hope to see more from you.


Darth ChimeraPosted: 06/14/02 06:55   Report Abuse
i played the original gall spaceport, for n64, then i played the unextended version by you, and let me say, i hope this one is much better


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/14/02 08:58   Report Abuse
This level is really reminds me of the original n64 level.....the extended version is much better than the normal....i give it 9


Darth VedderPosted: 06/14/02 15:39   Report Abuse
This level was quite ok, the new gun model was nice and the way how you slowly retrieved the forcepowers was also nicely done (though it didn't made any sense but who bothers :)
What I liked less is the repetive gameplay, the boxy architecture and that annoying fog which made my framerate drop dramasticely...


JOplayerPosted: 06/19/02 14:56   Report Abuse
The Fog / texures are nice. Thats is hard work, i am a mapper to!
I give it on 10!!!


PhillioPosted: 06/20/02 16:56   Report Abuse
Man! I soooo want to play this level but, with all the fog i can't play! It freezes every 3 seconds! Even on lowest graphics possible!! The fog looks cool, but for all of us with "sucky" computers, we cannot play this level. I didn't rate it cause i cant get very far with all th freezing up. '

It looks like an awesome level.


FirHwk*3029*Posted: 06/21/02 04:14   Report Abuse
Phillio has a 900 mhz computer so if it freezes on his, anyone below that should be aware it could freeze on yours..or it may be his nVIDiA Geforce m2 video board, but who knows...


Katarn's clonePosted: 09/22/02 14:19   Report Abuse
Hey, this is a great level. exept, why does it end right after you kill galak? i thought it would be longer, seeing as how the shadow's gall is like 10 minutes. but, it was good. i'm trying to figure out how to make levels and i'm getting better, but i have 1 question, how did you put the X-wing at the beginning and the TIE fighter at the end?!?!? please!!! tellll!!!!!! meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 8/10


MAD_Bane_TLOCPosted: 11/28/02 23:09   Report Abuse
I would like this lvl seeing as it looks nice and ppl have given great comments. However, after i start past teh XWing, and go into the canyon, the game becomes really laggy and unplayable. SO i cant give u a rating for this lvl.


Business_EskimoPosted: 04/21/03 20:38   Report Abuse
Katarn_Clone, make it with a misc_model. That's the way you do it :)


palpetinePosted: 06/26/05 18:51   Report Abuse
900mhz shouldnt matter, on my other computer, not this one it is only 400mhz and this level works fine. It only has a 32mb graphics cad aswell so i dunno wot everyones on about it freezin up, it works fine


firemarine73Posted: 07/25/06 20:52   Report Abuse
This level was ok. The beginning reminded me of the old Shadows of The Empire game, but thats about it as far as the similarites. The rest was kind of a mess and once I got to were Fett was I just quit out from boredom.


stoofPosted: 03/25/09 07:32   Report Abuse
Nice map, Thanks for .map! :) I love it when authors release .maps!


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