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This is a server-side mod that incorporates the changes done by Raven since the release of v1.03 (from the SDK), and additionally balances out saber throw and the swift kick. *see readme* Optionally there also is a .cfg file that when executed lets the server use the Ghoul2 collision detection from the Single Player, making saber combat much more dynamical and enjoyable (highly recommended!) NOTE: This file contains two readmes, an html version and a txt version.


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Download: JK2 v1.03a+ (SDK Source MOD) v0.5
File Size: 339KB
Date: 06/14/02
Author: DarkLord
Downloads: 1266


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 3
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yodaissmartPosted: 06/14/02 01:24   Report Abuse
im not rating it cuz its been done before by many ppl (srry to tell u) after i try it if i like the changes (or if i dont) i will rate it accordingly. I have no idea why i looked at the screen shots lol cuz they would not help my dicision to dl it either way.


EmonPosted: 06/14/02 05:05   Report Abuse
I don't really like the changes... I'm sorry, but if you are having trouble dodging saber throw, well, that's your problem. I just don't think it should have been reduced. If anything, it should be able to be knocked out of your hand (like in SP), and shouldn't be able to hurt guys one it's way back to the sender.

As for the kick, I don't like that either. If you find people spamming this move, well, try a simple counter attack. Kick them before they get to you, use the blue stance lunge, etc.


eLs.DarkLordPosted: 06/14/02 05:45   Report Abuse
Didn't rate either (well ok, I'm, the author).

But just to put some things straight:
I didn't really have problems dodging throws or kicks before, I actually did them myself a lot sometimes.
(To me) It just felt right to reduce them, because when you see playing two players who consider themselves to be amongst the 'better ones'; and both get low on health after a time, they kinda 'panic' and stop taking *any* risks:
They'll only kick and throw, because that are the savest moves around, and contain close to no risk at all, as long as the other opponent does not do just about the same thing (making the match a throw/kick fest).

As this might not [i]always[/i] be a big problem, it does look and feel really strange. So IMHO it is more fun and more true to Star Wars (sry, I'm a Fan :/)to focus on saber combat again.
So I thought I might as well share this MOD (or should I say 'my interpretation' of this ;))


eLs.DarkLordPosted: 06/15/02 21:23   Report Abuse
I now have a version with *no* Kick damage (just like it is in FFA Duels). Will run this on my server now, but since noone seems to be really interested I'll just not annoy you with releasing it *g* ;)


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