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After Hake retrieved the disc he wanted revenge. He's going after Kihrgaro. What he doesn't know is that he's carefully being monitored by the corrupt Senator Saruth and is being used to get the location of a temple which could lead to infinite power in combination with the disc. (A more detailed story is included with the level.)


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Download: A Pirate's Tale 3 and 4
File Size: 15 Megs
Date: 06/14/02
Author: ZOOIkes aka Darth Vedder
Downloads: 1919


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 12
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GhostOfYodaPosted: 06/14/02 21:25   Report Abuse
This is SO 4 weeks ago ;)

Amazing, of course. Loved every moment of it :D. Pure skill.


EmonPosted: 06/14/02 21:47   Report Abuse
Omses, I take it you didn't download the level. These aren't "Arrgggh!!!" battleship pirates from the 1600's. Pirates are, in fact, a very big part of Star Wars novels. Pirates do not belong to the Empire or Rebellion. They are independant, they steal ships, work towards profits, etc.

Seriously, Omses, I think everyone is really sick of your bad comments. I cannot find ONE good thing you have ever said. I personally though all the APT levels were great, and this is no exception.


SuperNerd_IJPosted: 06/14/02 22:31   Report Abuse
Omses, you obviously dont understand the star wars universe. Pirates arent always peg-legged parrot-shouldered goons on wooden seaships. And its even more obvious that you arent actully commenting on the level, you are commenting on the author.

I loved apt 1 &2... another great edition(s) to the series.


Xizor_VaderPosted: 06/15/02 01:40   Report Abuse
This must be a great level, but I can't run it! I followed the instructions: Extract the goo. to Apt3 folder, and extract the bat. to the MoTS folder. When I click the bat. it tells me to press any key, but nothing works, help me please!!!


JEDI_StormiePosted: 06/15/02 10:55   Report Abuse
ZOOIkes does it again!

There is no reason why you shouldn't download this, will take a good hour to complete ATLEAST! The arch is top notch as is the gameplay.. a lot of work has gone into these levels which carry on the APT series.

...also you should download this because I am in it singing! :D


Darth VedderPosted: 06/15/02 11:39   Report Abuse
Xizor_vader: It should work, but you could always try the following if it doesn't:

open up dos prompt, type in your mots directory (it starts in your windows directory with cd.. you go back one directory, then just enter the directory(s))
then type: jkm -path apt3 and press enter.
If that doesn't work then you hadn't placed the apt3.goo in the correct directory.

I'm really glad everybody likes it! It took me along time to build.


Descent_PilotPosted: 06/15/02 13:55   Report Abuse
Huge download! It took time on my cable modem! I feel very sorry for those people with 56K modems. :( Anyway, its still downloading as I'm doing this, but it looks great. Keep it up ZOOIkes.


Darth VedderPosted: 06/15/02 13:59   Report Abuse
I know your pain, I have a 64k modem myself you see, and uploading usually takes longer...


Xizor_VaderPosted: 06/15/02 21:47   Report Abuse
Thanks Darth Vedder, it works now. But I have a problem in the level. When I get to the part when I need to follow the guy but not get to close, the guy forever walks facing a wall and doesn't get anywere. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong along the way? Sorry for bothering you again...


Daft_VaderPosted: 06/16/02 06:25   Report Abuse
Omses clearly needs his head examined! I mean such comments are completely unecessary and spiteful - its one thing saying just such about newbie stuff but Vedder is a veteran who molds WORKS OF ART OUT OF JED! I would love to see you make a level with that standard of colored lighting and glimmering, realistic water... come on Massassi give this guy the boot. He lives to criticize, treading all over young would-be-authors and discouraging and annoying experts who have devoted alot of hard time and passionate effort to these incredible levels! Great job Vedder, this is a spectacular new edition to Massassi's vast level archives!


FastGamerrPosted: 06/16/02 15:16   Report Abuse
Hey yo, these levels rule! Finally there is something new for MotS! Very good work..but not the best.


Darth VedderPosted: 06/16/02 15:17   Report Abuse
It's a bug, it happened to one of my beta tester once too, but only once so I hoped it was nothing...
To get further you could either restart the level or do the following:
I don't know if you can pick up the key without getting spotted by Kihrgaro, else pick it up and walk to that green little building in the yard, take the elevator down, you'll see that the door that once was here is open. Go through and you'll get in the next level.
(If you can't pick it up you could always type in the all items cheat)
I'm sorry for the inconvience.

PS: I might wright a tutorial soon.


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 06/16/02 17:15   Report Abuse
These levels own. They're AWESOME. I haven't even played to the end of level 3 yet. I need help. What are all the locked shut doors in the building, and what's the library from the elevator with the blue key needed for? Where do I go? I'm stumped :(


Darth VedderPosted: 06/16/02 20:31   Report Abuse
sote_Xizor1: I recomment checking out this thread:


Xizor_VaderPosted: 06/17/02 00:31   Report Abuse
Sorry for yet ANOTHER post from me, but I am really stuck on another part in the level. In level 4, where am I supposted to go in the room with the many huge gray boxes going up and down and all around? I tryed using the fly cheat because I was so desperate but I still couldn't find a exit! The levels were great so far, it has been a long time since any SP level this good was released. I'm not going to rate it until I finish it though, but so far I rate it a 10.


ChrisRokPosted: 06/17/02 22:03   Report Abuse
These were very good levels. They were somewhat challenging and some of the problem solving was a bit frustrating, I love it. I only ran across one bug, but when I just put the levels file in the episode directory the bug was no longer an issue.


kaborkaPosted: 01/25/04 22:18   Report Abuse
Xizor: I was stuck there, too. SPOILER --
In the room off the channel with the red ball, there's a switch that will turn off the forcefield on one of the conveyors. You can then go in there and find a vent that will lead you to a big exhaust channel. (You have to climb some boxes and open a grating to disable a second forcefield in order to get to the vent duct.) The exhaust channel is blocked at the end, and the wind is so strong it will pin you there. Just use "Activate" to open the door.


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