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This is the final version of MotF Level 1. I finally fixed the weird keyframe problem in the final cutscene and have corrected some of the fatal crash errors. Six months of beta testing still couldn't solve all of the bugs. I believe this is as good as it's gonna get, which isn't all that bad. I know that sounds lame but this was my first level and I'd like to move on, y'know?


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Download: Mechanics of the Force Level 1
File Size: 4.5Megs
Date: 06/02/00
Author: Matt Chapman
Downloads: 4733


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 42
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MorrisPlytePosted: 06/22/00 00:22   Report Abuse
Wow! I am truly impressed! What an original and fun level. The droid-centered storyline is really A+!

Download it now!


CinganPosted: 06/22/00 11:13   Report Abuse
It's a great level. Could use some owrk in some areas but still good nonetheless. I'm glad the author used a robot dude instead of human for once. A nice variation, and nice level.


AKPiggottPosted: 06/29/00 17:30   Report Abuse
Nothing too appealing in the architecture department, but this level does what it aims to do, create a fun-to-play puzzle fest with cutscenes as much fun as playing the actual level, download now.


Skat FelisarPosted: 07/20/00 19:41   Report Abuse
Well programmed. Love the voices and the thing you can do with the cosoles. I particularly like blowing droids up in the conveyer belt.


GethroPosted: 08/04/00 21:21   Report Abuse
Very good. I thought protecting the little droid was a very creative idea.


HKBOTPosted: 08/06/00 16:10   Report Abuse
I LOVE THIS LEVEL....but when the heck are yu ganna make the second 1?


ZorA El PakoPosted: 08/09/00 14:50   Report Abuse
never had some much fun, best level ever played

2.Part ??????????????????


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/09/00 16:16   Report Abuse
Cool! I like the string of secrets where the guy says "I work behind the scenes of MOTF 1" etc. etc. etc.


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/11/00 12:46   Report Abuse
GOOD LEVEL! i love killing those pesky little box droids! im about halfway done with it, but still!! GREAT LEVEL!!!! d/l it now if you havent!


DATH_SIDIUSPosted: 08/19/00 16:53   Report Abuse
THIS IS AN AWSOME LEVEL. You must download it now!the only problem i seeis an error in witdh my whole jk gets shutdown whaen i try to save.YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!


GeminiDragonPosted: 09/04/00 15:37   Report Abuse
I like this level, seems you did a lot of experimenting here (The machine that mixed up those 2 droids) and thats good, because it'll be new now but later everyone will be doing it. Protecting the little droid was a neat twist.


MandalorePosted: 09/27/00 01:10   Report Abuse
Like every one else i think that this level is A grade. I loved all the little switches that did all this cool stuff. Next part?


MoNKeYTGMPosted: 10/01/00 15:37   Report Abuse
This is the best SP level I'v played. They actualy talked. Great storyline. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD NOW! ! !.


NRM_harley281Posted: 10/07/00 03:37   Report Abuse
well, not much i can say. it's all jk needs. a droid with authority. i like the change. they have voices, which most don't. i gave it a ten. when will you make a part 2?


jedi_loverPosted: 10/08/00 21:44   Report Abuse
this is a top notch level. i am one of the people who gave it a ten, and comenting on this level is the only reason i signed up to be able to coment ANY level


Matguy215Posted: 10/10/00 23:40   Report Abuse
This Mod is pretty good. I like the plot, and fighting as a protocol droid is a breath of fresh air. When is part 2 coming out?


CybPMPosted: 11/15/00 13:55   Report Abuse
Why It hasn't the rating 15/10 ? Well, it's REALLY a EXCELLENT level !!!
I hope the next levels of the campaign will be downloadable soon !!!

The Skins are Excellent, the cogs, the level, everything !!!

CongratulationZ of France !!!


CobaltPosted: 12/24/00 07:24   Report Abuse
This is great! The only thing is... it's a bit difficult once you get to the point of getting the R2 unit all over the place. that's rediculous. I guess I should try it on easy and work my way up instead of starting on hard. Unless, of course, the author did not make different versions of the damn thing.


GettleburgerPosted: 01/01/01 22:13   Report Abuse
This level kicks! The idea of a droid using the force is a totally original idea to me. Hurry up and make the next one!


Arno BleddPosted: 01/09/01 11:45   Report Abuse
GREAT! It was a good idea to use a droid as main charachter. Surely the best thing is the plot. I wait for the next level! Download it NOW!


kwjPosted: 01/18/01 00:58   Report Abuse
Mechanics of the Force definitely deserved a 9. From the very outset, I was immediately impressed with the unique concept of playing as a droid striving to recover his memory and to discover his past and himself. The droid torture chambers were very humorous as was the droid himself with his comments. It was interesting to see a completely new storyline with new characters and a new setting. Being a superb level all around, this level is a must play.


MoS_CobraPosted: 02/19/01 15:20   Report Abuse
crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy


Captain PellaeonPosted: 03/13/01 16:11   Report Abuse
It looks really good, at least the first room. How the heck do you get out of there?


Cheese_MessiahPosted: 03/17/01 19:38   Report Abuse
I really liked this one. The idea of a droid runing around killing badies really intriged me. Just one thing, can you make 3TD more of a badass like Ash from Armies of Darkness. 3TD's sound bites were a little to wussy for droid that killed his way out of a droid melltin place. Other then that, it was great!


Jedi SlayerPosted: 03/18/01 20:06   Report Abuse
I give it an 8. I thought that it was a great level but Threeteedee getting the force was pretty corny. I couldn't figure out how to get past the hot exhaust part. I would always have to start way back because I couldn't save and that sucked. Otherwise, great game and concept.


Dice_IbegonPosted: 04/12/01 01:24   Report Abuse
PERFECT, this is the beter level I ever made. Your idea was very good, secret passages werent too easy or too hard, the level was beautiful, this level was better than any levels, it was better than Jedi Knight levels(real game) I give it 10/10 ***** 5 stars yay I hope youll continue your work and I hope you love doing that :)


BubbaPosted: 04/22/01 14:51   Report Abuse
The level was okay and it was nice being able to play as a droid, but the best thing about it are it's hilarious secret area cut-scenes. The level itself doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it is okay for a first level.


guapoboyPosted: 04/28/01 00:39   Report Abuse
I think that this level is so far pretty good accept I can't find out how you get out of the first room (graphics wise). Does anybody know how to cause I've done everything that I thought could get me out of there but nope. Could someone please tell me how to get out of the first room? I'd recomend this level to people who have good patience and/or like challenges cause it's hard to get out of the first room.


Phill the CatPosted: 05/06/01 09:01   Report Abuse
Great level - I'd've given it 10 if it'd been more reliable, shame.

I love the humour, especially the droid experements.

Can't get the droid through the puzzle section, though. Every time I complete the first section, there's another astromech at the start of the next bit, and I get crashed right out of the game!!!

Nice to hear a British accent for a change, though.

guapoboy - to get out of the first room, try pressing buttons on the consoles that the Jawas are using. In fact, press console buttons all through the game, it's a laff!


DarnnPosted: 05/20/01 11:18   Report Abuse
Wow. This is quite an incredible thing...
I love it. One of the few SP levels that actually made me want to see what happens next.
Sadly, however, I couldn't.
I dropped the crate to the floor, saw the orange robot getting beat up, and I couldn't find anything else to do.
I tried several things, like going back up to the room with the attack droids, which was a mistake. I dind't save, because I knew that crashes the damned thing, and I didn't feel like starting over for the third time from the bit where the manager tries to kill me.
The concept, though, is great. I beleive that if this level was recreated today with better graphics, textures, etc. and without all the bugs, it could be among the best SP levels here. And I dig the secrets, too.


WhiteHamsterPosted: 06/16/01 19:54   Report Abuse
This level doesn't deserve a 10.. It deserves a 20!! It's awesome!! My all-time fav level!! I'm gonna make a fan page for this one.. Stay tuned. I gave this a 10, of course. But it deserves a 20.


CathartesPosted: 07/31/01 22:58   Report Abuse
Silly storyline at points, but the rest makes up for it. It's great! Very nice voices, which is really rare in a SP lvl. The best part of the level is the great, original puzzles.

I give it an 8, because I generally save 9+ for good level packs, and there are the two slightly annoying bugs.

Way better than most 1st levels, and many 5th or 6th levels. ;) It's amoung the few I won't be deleting after a few play-throughs.


JezzPosted: 08/05/01 20:19   Report Abuse
Great level but when will you finsh the next level?


ChopperPosted: 08/11/01 00:02   Report Abuse
I loved it, 10/10.

Best bits:-
1)the melting pit
2)the puzzles
3)the magnetic box landing on enemys
4)the ending

One question thought, whens level two going to be ready cause i cant wait.


VegetaLordPosted: 11/07/01 21:47   Report Abuse
AWESOME LEVEL! Im just sad its not gonna be finished....... :(


jedi7knight2001Posted: 11/12/01 08:19   Report Abuse
Truly an amazing level... Probably my favorite point on it was the fact that you made everything, almost literally everything!!!, interactive in the level, such as the computer terminals. The humorous effects that could be achieved with the different spawning cogs were great, too. I enjoyed producing ten R2's and then hitting the "explosion" button to see them fly into the lava filled room and make their little screaming sounds... Also, the cutscenes and sound effects used throughout the level, and especially at the end, showed true masterhood of the Jedi Knight editing principles. You truly humble me with this level. I hope that your next one's are just as good!

Rating: 10/10


\/Darth\/Maul\/Posted: 11/20/01 08:38   Report Abuse
I only have one problem with this lvl, how can a droid use the force?, the force binds all LIVING things 2gether and flows through LIVING things and if im not mistaken droids aren't living. I know this is only a minor thing but its the small things that really make these lvls stand out, other than that a good lvl.


drallvekkPosted: 11/24/01 04:20   Report Abuse
maybe droids can use a different version of the force. like not medichlorians but some sort of like nanites or something :)


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 12/24/01 02:18   Report Abuse
Okay, thid is a very puzzling and ok level, I just have 1 question.............

WHERE THE HECK IS PART 2 ???????????????????


Jonny AnsonPosted: 01/10/02 21:21   Report Abuse
I remember this level, I played it about a year ago. The funny and witty remarks the droids give you, the catchy storyline eyerthing. I could never find a way to finish this level however, but anyways that didn't mean I didn't like it one bit. It's a shame I haven't seen another level of Motf, Ah well.


ApocalypsePosted: 03/20/02 13:53   Report Abuse
This level is quite good. The story: Good; The idea of using a robot instead of human: Good; The cutscenes: Good; Oh why to bother to continue this list... It's a good level. Only thing was than the part where you must protect ZD9. If I make a quicksave there my windows crashes without any reason. Otherwise it's a good lvl. Worth the download. Looking forward to see Mechanics of the Force part 2.
And as final words: "Look after ZD9. *KLANG. ZD9 just collided to wall*"


captain_needaPosted: 12/27/02 14:19   Report Abuse
Wow! I was blown away. I'm no expert in level editing, but that is truly awesome. Please! Make Part 2! I love it how all the switches on the consoles actually do things! Great voices too!


Alexi StukovPosted: 04/23/03 03:53   Report Abuse It did crash a few times. But it was still funny.


AyreonPosted: 08/24/03 07:30   Report Abuse
I give this a BIG 10! The plot was an excellent idea to set a new idea of of the Force, entering something different. The R2 unit was quite hard to overcome but it came to success! The voices/sounds were really good, and I hope you do keep up the work for more levels! This is great!!


ConnemaraPosted: 10/28/03 01:12   Report Abuse
I liked this level a lot for it's inventiveness, but there were a few technical problems. The game did have a crashing issue that revolved around quicksaving and whatnot. That was a real problem, I ended up playing on invul because every time I died I had to start back at the beginning. For that I had to knock it down a point from 9 to 8.

However, loved the concept, the script, the voices, everything came together very well. It's a shame, it seems no sequel was ever made! :(


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