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New gameplay mode: Hydroball. Compete against other players in an underwater game. Fists will be your only weapon while in the arena, and alt fire while holding a direction will allow you to tackle or side-burst. While in the arena, your health will always be full - when you take damage, use force power, do a special move (including tackles), or move while carrying the ball, your stamina will drain. While in posession of the ball you cannot use tackle moves, and primary fire will charge the ball to throw (the longer the charge, the further it goes, up to 4 seconds) instead of punching. Great music included for during the game and while waiting to begin. Also included are instructions for creating your own Hydroball maps.

Note: Be sure to install the Hydroball patch.


Level Info:

Download: Hydroball
File Size: 8.2 MB
Date: 06/18/02
Author: Kirt
Downloads: 9891


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 39
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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blujayPosted: 06/18/02 01:55   Report Abuse
This mod is absolutely incredible. It's a whole new game, and it's easy to learn, but teamwork is very important. Matches with uneven teams are still fun. The music is great too.


ThreeDeePosted: 06/18/02 01:56   Report Abuse
I played a few games of this before it was released to Massassi, and let me just say that it is an entirely new and entirely awesome game. Get it now.

I gave it a nine for one little beef I have with it: it's possible to throw the ball way too fast. This discourages teamwork and makes the game sorta unbalanced at times. But.. FUN! DOWNLOAD NOW!


blujayPosted: 06/18/02 01:57   Report Abuse
But you have to wait to throw it real hard, and while you're waiting, you can be tackled. Good defensive positioning can prevent the other team from having a chance to throw it super hard.


PommyPosted: 06/18/02 02:05   Report Abuse
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH! I got to play this before it was released here too, it's a blast!!!

[edit: One more thing, is this an updated version? That little red graph thingy wasn't there before...]


Iceman_Posted: 06/18/02 02:05   Report Abuse
It copies Blitzball from Final Fantasy 10 perfectly! This is undoubtly the best JK2 mod around!!!


slim_sheepyPosted: 06/18/02 02:16   Report Abuse


mscbuckPosted: 06/18/02 02:40   Report Abuse
amazing. it is almost a recreation of blitzball, but thas why its good :). adds a new dimention of JO MP


RotM_SypherPosted: 06/18/02 04:23   Report Abuse
Awesome!! Absolutely great!!

Just like Blitzball!!

I'm gonna try to make a Blitzball stadium type map =)


GonkPosted: 06/18/02 07:07   Report Abuse
The screens might not look that great, but the level is just an example. GIVE THIS A TRY.. it's definitely worth the bandwith. Just plain fun, really. GET IT.


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/18/02 09:19   Report Abuse
WOW...Cool new gametype and its very fun to play with your friends...i give it 9 its like a whole new game


Lord_GrismathPosted: 06/18/02 10:56   Report Abuse
Whoa! A cool new game to own blujay in! :] GO RED TEAM!!!!!!!


Shaggy1984Posted: 06/18/02 11:42   Report Abuse
Absolutely Luvinit. This mod is great, like someone mentioned above the screens dont do this game justice. The first proper Mod For JK2, and what a great debut. A mad as Teamplay game. Ive been tryin to advertise it on the JK2.net boards so we can get some good servers goin. Currently im having trouble finding too many good ones. So anyway if someone could help out on that fron they'd be more than welcome :) Anyway great mod kirt, and those other mods on your site look pretty nifty too.


H.Q. PendragonPosted: 06/18/02 14:30   Report Abuse
I don't think giving this another 10 would hurt, but it won't help either... Awsome concept. In the future, you should turn the sport from under-water, to zero-gravity... just a thought though.



pur33vilPosted: 06/18/02 16:38   Report Abuse
So its blitzball for JO :) and extremely well done

Shame theres no FFX skins that I know about


EvilTowliePosted: 06/18/02 16:42   Report Abuse
WHOAH! Great level!!! I just had an idea - TEAMS!!! That would be sweet. just like clans, but TEAMS! Regional teams, or just "Friendly" teams. (10/10)


tinnyPosted: 06/18/02 19:35   Report Abuse
amazing mod, really well done. i specially love the trigun music. but itd be great if there was a mod that created the changing water reflection textures on the walls and floor underwater like in serious sam instead of the dull grayish blue atmosphere in jk2


DeathsaiPosted: 06/18/02 21:38   Report Abuse
Wtf i cannot download this. It is a jpg file and it says Cannot open this file, it was corrupted. I think this is the wrong download.


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 06/18/02 22:05   Report Abuse
Wow I just played my first game of this. Its very hard with high pings, since I always seem to go straight through the ball. I plan on making my own map for this :)

Great fun though, I rated it 9


PommyPosted: 06/18/02 22:17   Report Abuse
What are you talking about? It's not a jpg, it's a zip file. Are you sure you're not accidentally clicking on the screenshots?


JK2k_AvengerPosted: 06/18/02 22:47   Report Abuse
This is EXCELLENT! there's only one thing I don't like and thats the fact that all bots in this mod don't do anything. Mabye something to work on for a next version, for those of us not priveledged with anything above a 56K modem


DeathsaiPosted: 06/19/02 02:08   Report Abuse
Im clicking on the thing that says Hydroball


DeathsaiPosted: 06/19/02 18:59   Report Abuse
Can someone give me a diffrent link to the actual download?


DrizztPosted: 06/20/02 05:22   Report Abuse
0_0.....marvelous.....just bueatiful. did i forget to say fun?


daboovPosted: 06/20/02 16:08   Report Abuse
WOW I just love this mod! Awesome job but I was wondering if there would ever be bot support because I don't have anybody to play MP with


daboovPosted: 06/20/02 16:10   Report Abuse
Hey Deathsai if you go over to jediknightii.net there is a link on there site and also a link to the creators site


WLP_ChinaskiPosted: 06/20/02 19:36   Report Abuse
Groovy mod, makes a whole new game. I am already looking to host a 3v3 Hydroball tourney on the zone via Battlestats. I was also wondering if anyone might already be looking into making a few more maps/arenas for Hydrobal.


Lord_Maul155Posted: 06/21/02 00:56   Report Abuse
Can I play this mod against bots at all. It looks very cool. I haven't tried it yet. Rating 9


XTRMNTRPosted: 06/21/02 14:06   Report Abuse
This mod is really fun, BOT support isn't really needed because playing with other people is what makes this mod so much fun, I would love to see some goal keeper animations (such as diving saves) or if I may be so over zealous, I would love to see some shot animations like the "Jecht shot" maybe some force mods like poison and defence boosts. I know the Animations bit is out unless you have softimage, but I can dream can I?

Anyway, excellent mod. I gave it a 10.


Dark_UnderworldPosted: 06/21/02 16:17   Report Abuse
10! this mod is great! the best mod for JK2 ever made!


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 06/22/02 15:58   Report Abuse
That's because its the only real mod so far, the rest have been mild gameplay tweaks.

With a bit of reworking, code optimization and a nice gui this could become the Rocket Arena of Jedi Outcast


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/23/02 21:00   Report Abuse
Since this a complete ripoff of that mini game from Final Fantasy 10, this deserves a 9.


OrionPosted: 06/27/02 20:01   Report Abuse
GREAT mod. I can honestly say that theres not alot of mods I like. This really is a ton of fun. Thanks alot!


SephPosted: 06/29/02 11:38   Report Abuse
So when are we gonna get some cool maps? I can't design worth crap but I think [xg]Livingdeadjedi could make an awsome blitzball Field from FF10. Especialy after seeing what he did with episode 1.

Nice work. I give it a 10!
could you make the menu have options for how many goals to win and howmany players are needed in each team? It would help out.


DJWindIIDXPosted: 06/29/02 19:37   Report Abuse
Insanely well done! Influenced by FF10's Blitzball yes, but I think I and almost everyone here wants you to go all out FF10. Get the actual ball, arena etc. That'd be cool. A little something to do while you wait it out. A variety of different levels, the official music, SFX, or what have you.

Also, I think the dash needs to recharge slower, and I think you need to be able to swim faster. They're so many dashes in a big game that sometimes it's just hard for anyone to get ahold of the ball at all. Definitely fun and very little room for improvement, but plenty for vareity.

You could even vary characters. Like alternate power, stamina, speed. There's plenty you could do. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more!



Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/30/02 16:55   Report Abuse
INFLUENCED? This isn't a bad mod, but theres a huge difference between influenced and ripoff.


Descent_PilotPosted: 07/01/02 16:37   Report Abuse
It's great, that's all there is to it. 10/10


darthgroovyiiPosted: 07/04/02 01:34   Report Abuse
I cannot make this work. Installed both pk3 and patch in gamedata folder......nothing. Could someone please post a suggestion or trouble shooting in a comment like this. Or e-mail me at darthgroovyii@aol.com I am running a gateway pc desktop with celeron processor and 512MB of ram. Thank you...I hope!?!?!?


FTS_ProctorPosted: 08/16/02 11:42   Report Abuse
make a folder \gamedata\hydroball\ and put hte files in there


DragonFlareZMXPosted: 08/19/02 06:47   Report Abuse
hey, that problem's happening with me too, put it into the folder but the game's still not even loading anything different, plz help

so far the game looks great, all you gotta doo is add in five of the six teams from FFX (because 36 players is impossible unless they improved the engine or something somehow) and give skins for each player, then add a skill tree for the same moves and prolly some of the same locations (as much as you recall from the cinematics) and bada-bang, perfect cut-off from FFX Blitzball


Randrian2Posted: 10/31/02 17:47   Report Abuse
It is a great mod!

But I wanted to make a hydroball level myself. I made the level with all the etinities given in the readme. I tested it and everything worked well. But not the teamchoose. Can anyone tell me how to make this working? I used "trigger_teamchoose" with "key teamchoose" and "value 1" but it didn't work.


FinalFantasyKid488Posted: 06/13/03 03:00   Report Abuse
Technically, that's not really fair. I mean, you guys say it's cool copying off blitzball, but it's not. i speak for Final Fantasy's staff when i say "Stop copying Final Fantasy's Blitzball!!!!!!!!" I actually made my own Blitzball game it's in my pool........ i fill a soccer ball with water through the needle that you stick in thare and we play exactly Blitzball. so being a part of the Final Fantasy Fan Club I will make blitzball a real sport with the sphere pool and everything. Thank You for listening to me.Bye. It's Final Fantasy Fanatic signing off.


MStonePPosted: 03/28/04 23:04   Report Abuse
I never played this b4.. i just want to know the full name of this game.. I've been looking for a playable blitzball around for a long time... and u all seem excited about this game's mod.. so im more than willing to try it out


Manslayer01Posted: 02/05/05 20:34   Report Abuse
i haven't d/led so no rating, sorry...but what is this all about, final fantasy...i don't mean that in a bad way, just asking...


Mr. FantasticPosted: 02/13/05 16:07   Report Abuse
Sounds great (huge final fantasy fan) but when I open the mod it says: "recursive error after: User Interface is version 7, expected 6"

please help!!

E-mail: Turkmyke@yahoo.com


joe of loathPosted: 04/18/05 14:47   Report Abuse
Seems good. Shame i can't get it to work! I got the patch and did everything in the readme, but jk2 doesn't start up! anyone know what is wrong?


palpetinePosted: 06/17/05 19:07   Report Abuse
i couldn't get it workoin like it sed in d file, but i found dat if u jus put it in ur gamedata\base directory, it will load up an work fine, u don't need to load d mod but u can't go back 2 normal mode unless u delete d file in d base directory, i hope dis helps evry1. i gave 9 cos of dis


Van_XanPosted: 05/16/08 02:29   Report Abuse
Yo im getting a error to it says "recursive error after: User Interface is version 7, expected 6" PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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