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This is a mod that changes all the reborn models to Cheshire's Maul model in the single player game. Not only has the reborn model been changed, all the reborn sounds have been changed to Maul sounds and Maul uses Vent Gala's Darth Maul saber hilt. Enjoy. [Very large continuation of description in Readme, as well as additional credits and thanks.]


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Download: Reborn to Maul SP
File Size: 6.3MB
Date: 06/18/02
Author: Adam
Downloads: 3192


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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BeowulftheBardPosted: 06/18/02 06:22   Report Abuse
I give this a nine. I dropped one point because there is no spoon, i mean double-saber. But why is everybody modding the reborn skin?!


GeistSoldatPosted: 06/18/02 11:28   Report Abuse
modding hte reborn skin, eh? well, he did nothig whatsoever to mod hte reborn skin. he just replaced the reborn. thi is a whole new model if you were not paying attention.


Hard DriverPosted: 06/18/02 13:32   Report Abuse
Huh? That was very unclear what you said.
EDIT: Ok, I just saw the screens so nevermind.
Looks like Maul was cloned into new variations! The only thing is that his hilt is a little too far up, getting some of the glow from their lightsabers' energy blade. Not a big deal, though. Good work. Can we have these for multiplayer, please?


THRAWN_18Posted: 06/18/02 20:16   Report Abuse
Good mod there, other than the constent "At last we'll have our revenge." over and over, I can't stand that line anymore! Grrr...

Oh and something I found funny, the FIRST Reborn I fought, I had g_saberrealisticcombat 2 on and IRONICALLY I cut him in half at the waist. Fate???


bretherenPosted: 06/22/02 08:11   Report Abuse
wat about changing the main boss into maul? like desann to maul. now dat would be fun fighting agains maul in the last battle.


jonrudderPosted: 01/02/03 22:58   Report Abuse
this is the only mod that i've downloaded that i haven't eventually removed.I think the different darth mauls are ten times cooler than the original reborn.Kudos


XanatharPosted: 03/19/03 08:29   Report Abuse
I'm impressed. I like the reborn, as as I love hooded models, but kicking the crap out of hordes of Darth Maul clones is just incredibly fun. I didn't even notice the lightsaber hilt being too high until I closely examined one that I Force-pushed to the floor. I guess I kill them too fast. All in all, a great mod here.

You get a big fat niner from me.


041591Posted: 06/01/07 11:08   Report Abuse
Really great work, man. Maul is way cooler than the Reborn any day. 9


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