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ThisáisáaámodificationáofátheákatanaámodápostedábyáAges 120.áNowáALLátheácharactersáthatáuseáaálightsaberáhaveá aákatana. This mod makes the normal saber in sp and multiplayer if your running a server with this mod on a Katana for any saber color and for Desann, Luke, Tavion and the Reborns and Shadowtroopers. [Credit and thanks as well as other things to Ages120 in readme].


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Download: Katana4Everyone
File Size: 862KB
Date: 06/18/02
Author: EmperorPepetine
Downloads: 2713


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 5
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EmperorPepetinePosted: 06/18/02 18:03   Report Abuse
As the creator of this mod, I want to say that cause Ages120's e-mail was broken, I couldn't request him for permission to modify it. So I've modified it to make everyone in the game use a katana instead of the lightsaber. Note that with only Ages' katana mod, lightsabers for the other characters in the single player campaign were the hilt with the glow, and with this mod that is fixed.

Hope you like it!


slim_sheepyPosted: 06/18/02 18:04   Report Abuse
good job on the mod. (1st download!!!)


Light_WingsPosted: 06/18/02 18:36   Report Abuse
The swinging is still messed up. I guess I can forgive it because 90% of people dont know how a Katana is used and confuse it with a Wakazashi or a Tanto. If anything I would say the sword is more really like a single edged asian broadsword.



WedgiePosted: 06/18/02 18:55   Report Abuse
Cool Sword

Works well


OoCHAoSoOPosted: 06/19/02 07:32   Report Abuse
I just have to know: How the HELL can you confuse a wakasashi with a katana? It's like, 1 yard long total, with 1 foot handle, which is REALLY short. A tanto is like, 1 1/2 - 2 feet long by some definitions, or it's just a knife with a tanto point by others, I just don't see how you could confuse these...

TOTALLY off topic, but anyway...


Light_WingsPosted: 06/19/02 15:38   Report Abuse
Well really it is on topic. Many people think a katana is a really light and agile sword you can swing and spin and stuff. From my Kendo and Kenjitsu expereince, I can tell you indeed its not. Katanas are VERY heavy. Granted, they are lighter than most 2 handed europeon swords, but they still arent easy to spin and make look fancy. The Katanas deadlyness is by its swing. Since it only has one edge, it only has one kind of swing. There are 3 swings and 1 stab used in Kendo and Kenjitsu. The 3 swings are straight up, the plade near the buttox, over the head, and straight down, with a well aimed strike at the enemies head or shoulders. And the stab is just a cross over the body, thats really not supposed to be use. In tournament play, you wont get scored if your weapon would not have killed the person on the first hit. The Japaneese beleived that when a weapon was drawn, it was drawn to kill, and with respect, should be done so in the quickest and most efficient manner. Playing with your opponent is a sin.

So if you redesigned this and fixed the swinging, or shortened the blade and changed the name, then you could have a more accurate mod.



NomadžoulPosted: 06/19/02 15:55   Report Abuse
w00t! Kendo and Kenjutsu rock my world! (student). Sry bro but ages new katana whoops ur @$$....still good and b/c from the post it looks like u came out with it be4 him, I give u a 7. Make a kenjutsu mod with a good samurai skin and I'll be happy. Or jus change the swings to some Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu and Kendo (basic are Men *straight to the head* Do*cut to the stomach* and Kote *cut to the wrist*) Good attempt!


EmperorPepetinePosted: 06/19/02 16:17   Report Abuse
All I have to say after see your comments is that I don't know nothing about katanas, and all the stuff you said. This mod is Ages120's mod but updated so the other lightsaber characters in the game use it. No more to say about japanese swords, ok?


Ace_speedPosted: 07/17/02 23:09   Report Abuse
make ur own mod, i hate it when ppl modify sum1 elses mod, especily without permission, change 1 or 2 things about it and call it a whole new mod


Silent_HawkPosted: 08/10/02 20:56   Report Abuse
Ace, chil out. its a great mod. Using a mod to make a mod is like using reference material.

Besides, its not your business where the mod came from, your just supposed to enjoy it.

I give it an 8


JanusPosted: 07/19/03 15:18   Report Abuse
I particularly enjoyed this mod.
However, i don't know if the swinging is messed up because i know far less about Katanas, Wakuzashis, Etc. then i would like.


Raiden_ManPosted: 04/26/09 01:06   Report Abuse
how do i play mods i downloaded a copuple of em then i played the game but they didnt work help


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