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This is a reskin of the Ugnaught model, a little too tall and not the ideal model for an Ewok, hence the name, but it is the most fitting of all models to date. It includes team colors and flavors, and new sounds .


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Download: Barry the Giant Ewok
File Size: 2.40 MB
Date: 06/22/02
Author: Gunndar aka James Riley
Downloads: 2574


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 14
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SM_Sith_LordPosted: 06/22/02 21:55   Report Abuse
HAHAHA! This skin rocks! Not trying to be mean, but u should modify the skin a little and submit it as "Evil Hat Wearing Bull Dog!"


EvilTowliePosted: 06/22/02 21:56   Report Abuse
Very nice!!! You obviously did a lot of work on this skin. Is he related to Simon the killer Ewok?


yozarianPosted: 06/22/02 22:17   Report Abuse
oooh...really good I think..its face looks little like dog(sorry to say that)but anyway Great skin! I like this one.


EmonPosted: 06/22/02 22:35   Report Abuse
Excellent, excellent reuse of the Uggy model! I give it an 8, it's very tastfully done and isn't cheesy like others. Submit it to some other site so more and more people will download it and some servers will use it!


NomadžoulPosted: 06/22/02 23:29   Report Abuse


_Nergen_Posted: 06/23/02 00:27   Report Abuse
Oh yuck! 10/10


koyamaPosted: 06/23/02 03:42   Report Abuse
Pretty cool. Saying he's an overgrown ewok kinda covers for the size. Well done skin. If they make a mod to turn the lightsaber into a big bone or club, it'd fit this skin perfect.

Ewoks may be stretching it for trying to get short SW characters in JK2, but you're all clear for Jawas. There were some pretty tall Jawas in the background of the scene where Luke and Beru buy 3PO and R2. Look closely and you'll see. Therefore, it's safe to make an "overgrown" Jawa and still be fitting to the movies. Maybe someone should try this.


TovarichPosted: 06/23/02 11:03   Report Abuse
Haha an ewok named BARRY :O)
10 !!
I think ewoks rule the star wars universe !!


SmokeDrgn1Posted: 06/23/02 11:16   Report Abuse
Original, cute, ewoky! His face does look alittle too much like a dog, and his outfit is kinda weird when compared to the ones we have seen in RotJ. But it's good, nevertheless


SM_Sith_LordPosted: 06/23/02 19:44   Report Abuse
Just size down the Reborn model and re-skin it to make a jawa.


The Evil Midnight BomberPosted: 06/24/02 01:58   Report Abuse

Seriously, Nice skin. Evil Skin, but well done.


graphicx3000Posted: 06/24/02 02:52   Report Abuse
LOL!!! This skin deserves full points man!


Blynk821Posted: 07/05/02 22:25   Report Abuse
DUDE THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME HAHA! this is great! u spent a lot of time on this i gan tell!! 10!


Jedi_GrimesPosted: 07/10/02 20:30   Report Abuse
i liked this skin sooo much!


Clone HunterPosted: 03/29/09 01:56   Report Abuse
He's a kilt wearing dog!! lol!!


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