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Some new features have been added since the last version (Beta 2):

1. Admin features allowing renaming and slapping people.
2. Ammo increase for rocket launcher
3. Weapons now can be picked up and used for ammo if already having the weapon in the inventory.
4. More force tweaks.
5. More weapon tweaks.

Many other things are still in consideration for JK2++ (hence the beta 3).  Currently, the mod can be played at  There are no screenshots for this mod.


Level Info:

Download: JK2++ (Beta 3)
File Size: 254 KB
Date: 06/25/02
Author: [WD]Rage and [WD]ToRMeNt
Downloads: 1527


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 3
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Descent_PilotPosted: 06/25/02 23:16   Report Abuse
Like the third change. Hated that you can't pickup ammo after you have the weapon.


Lore seekerPosted: 06/26/02 01:15   Report Abuse
Slapping people is fun. Anyway, this patch makes JK2 much more enjoyable... Nice work.


yodaissmartPosted: 06/26/02 13:33   Report Abuse
This game is actualy enjoyable now! No more need to gore my eyeballs out with dull spoons on my levels that i play and make to request!


SkylarkkPosted: 08/21/03 15:24   Report Abuse
YOU should never Put your IP number posted on a web site! It leaves you open to bad things... however ... good mod I give it a 6.


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