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This Mod replaces the lightsabers with swords.  There are 4 swords including, the Buster Sword (Cloud's Sword from FF7), Caladbolg (Tidus's Sword from FFX), Ninja Sword (From Metal Gear Solid), a Shadow Sword that i just made up, and an Axe.  This mod includes sword sounds too. This mod is ment for people who dont like lightsabers that much, and just play the game for the sword fighting (like me), or if u just like swords. Unfortantly i couldnt make it so u could switch the swords in the game so you have to switch the files out of the game inorder to do so.


Level Info:

Download: Swords
File Size: 905KB
Date: 06/26/02
Author: Sephiroth__VII
Downloads: 2931


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 13
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_Nergen_Posted: 06/26/02 07:09   Report Abuse
Don't tell me you made that shadow sword up. That thing has many names and is sold in melee weapon stores all over. It's a single handed broad sword, associated with darkness.


Genji-ByakkoPosted: 06/26/02 11:00   Report Abuse
Aye, I believe that sword is Kit Rae's Sword of Darkness II. However; you did a magnificent job at recreating it. Perhaps you might consider making a TC, or at least supplying weapons for one. I must confess, I haven't a clue how to edit this game yet, and a TC may be very difficult.


yodaissmartPosted: 06/26/02 13:51   Report Abuse
that shadow sword of yours was nicely done... but i think that u subconsiosly saw it before cuz i know ive seen it on ebay or in one of my many sword magazines...i think the buster needed more work... and u should fix up that Screen shot a bit.


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 06/26/02 14:40   Report Abuse
The link doesnt work for me =(


Lore seekerPosted: 06/26/02 16:20   Report Abuse
There were a couple slight things wrong, but you get a 9. Sephiroth, you are easily one of the best editors for JO as of now. Nice work.


DeathsaiPosted: 06/26/02 16:40   Report Abuse
That buster sword really looks cheesy. Make it longer and its good. It isnt quite so fat. All we need now are some FF skins


AOTJ_CraigPosted: 06/26/02 17:46   Report Abuse
Well i had to get it from jk2files.com because the DL isn't working here at Massassi. Anyway, good job! My favorite is the darksword thing and the ninja sword. Just funny seeing Kyle swing that Buster Sword fast in MP lol.


MoridinPosted: 06/27/02 00:34   Report Abuse
Your sword designs are look quite nice and for the most part, are accurate by scale. As brought up by others, the Buster Sword needs revamping, if possible. Its height is incorrectly made in proportion with its width. If memory serves correct, the Buster Sword is approx. as large as the wielder( Cloud). Other than that, the designs are near flawless. The Buster Sword is the only reason I lowered my rating from 10 to 9.=)


MegalomaniacVIIPosted: 06/27/02 06:06   Report Abuse
This is one of very few saber model changers i've seen and of those it is definitely the best. Give the guy a break about the length of the buster sword--- making the swords longer is extremely difficult (if it wasnt dont ya think he woulda made a sephiroth sword lol). The other thing is with the ax, until someone figures out how to make new animations for saber swings, you cant really help that he doesnt swing it right.


BummerPosted: 06/27/02 06:48   Report Abuse
i gave it an 8 cause it was very innovative. but some things could have been done better, like the saber throw, the swords are thrown crooked. the textures could have been better. sound was ok, but theres also the bug that every other jedi wielded nothing in their hands.


SilverRaven_2Posted: 06/27/02 07:20   Report Abuse
This mod is intended for multiplayer...not singleplayer so in SP the bots have no swords in their hands.....the buster sword was to short...everything else with this mod was nearly flawless.....i love lightsabers....but swords are cool....10


SSmonstersPosted: 06/27/02 20:53   Report Abuse
So bud you finally did it! Well nice job 8/10. RGF_SSMonsters.


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