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A Green Lantern Skin based on Hal Jordan from the DC Comics. Also included is a green saber hilt which you may use.


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Download: Green Lantern
File Size: 341k
Date: 06/26/02
Author: potatochimp
Downloads: 1537


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 6
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_Nergen_Posted: 06/26/02 07:12   Report Abuse
You could've done MUCH more than just flat green. I think the comic books had more detail, don't you?

Keep at it, and you'll get there someday.


Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 06/26/02 15:13   Report Abuse
Nice work. Try to make the clothes look a little more worn, and I thought there was some grey in his costume. I'd like to see a version two. Keep up the good work.


†Progenitor†Posted: 06/26/02 20:07   Report Abuse
It kind of looks like a skater Green Lantern in my opinion. Looks OK but could look better. Keep up the work. :)


ThundererPosted: 06/27/02 01:17   Report Abuse
I thought it wasnt that bad. It reminds me of Robin (LOL), You might want to try working on the shading though, even I shade better than that..


EmonPosted: 06/27/02 01:38   Report Abuse
Yeah, add some clothing ripples, add some texture to it, make it darker, and it would be tons better.


Zack_TPosted: 06/28/02 22:13   Report Abuse
I personally like it and gave it a 7..It reminds me of the Hurricane on WWE, but there`s one problem. When I put it in my base folder I suddenly had the problem of not being able to get into multiplayer anymore. Anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: Nevermind. It stopped yay.


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