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This simple mod replaces the defaultágame launcher's screen with a graphic of R2-D2 the astromech droid.


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Download: R2-D2 Startup Screen
File Size: 288KB
Date: 06/30/02
Author: W.J. "Last of the Jedi Wookiee"áMacKenzie
Downloads: 1175


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 21
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Logo By Rieekan [http://www.outpostd34.com/]

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koyamaPosted: 06/30/02 03:01   Report Abuse
awww. That's really cute. R2-D2 rocks. Very well done. However, I'm sorry. I must keep using my Padme one. :)


Krimson HellkitePosted: 06/30/02 03:59   Report Abuse
Well, it's funny, but I don't think anyone would actuelly use this. Great idea though, 9/10


Hard DriverPosted: 06/30/02 04:16   Report Abuse
I was gonna download the Padme one, but I don't like that picture of her. I think these startup screens are great that people are making. I hope to see one that portrays Kyle in a cool action pose with Lightsaber Ignition Action used to make his lightsaber and blaster bolts flying past him. LIA is great for making Star Warsy pictures in Photoshop, get it at www.bluetemptation.com/lia.


EmonPosted: 06/30/02 16:14   Report Abuse
Great original idea. Very nice screen, too. It's very sharp, not some small pic enlarged and all blury.


bobafett_765Posted: 06/30/02 16:37   Report Abuse
A great start-up screen! Good job! 10\10


NomadžoulPosted: 06/30/02 16:47   Report Abuse
ok......uh....this is nice and all.......but massassi is for GAME mods....not start up screens. Many may argue with me..btu oh well....this is my opinion. Stuff liek this should go to jediknightii.net or sumthin..once again IN MY OPINION..I do like the screen thing tho...nicely done..I give it an 8. I don't wanna be mean about it....it's jus weird to c this on massassi.


BummerPosted: 06/30/02 21:44   Report Abuse
uh, 10?


Blood_AspPosted: 07/01/02 19:26   Report Abuse
I like it. Very clean, as well as asthetically pleasing. You guys should be nice to the author, because it does take considerable talent to find a picture that works, as well as implement it.


EmonPosted: 07/01/02 21:25   Report Abuse
Yeah, and if you don't like it, don't use it! WOW, what a NOVEL IDEA!


The Last Jedi WookiePosted: 07/05/02 11:04   Report Abuse

First thing I would like to ask is this. Please no more deragatory remarks be directed towards MegalomaniacVII, or others who voice simular opinions.

His opinion, even if phrased in one of the more immature and hostile manners possible, is still a valid one. He simply doesn't like the little mod I made. His opinion that this mod gives The Massassi Temple website a bad name is well intentioned. He cares about the game, and it's content.

Although, then again I would point out that obviously someone on the *-Massassi Temple staff-* thought this minor mod worthy of listing. I would think the staff does their best to uphold the reputation that is associated with their site, don't you?

Besides that... I found the little math quip quite amusing. It's been quite a -long- time since I've been in middle-school, and it feels nice to get the old grey-matter on things long forgotten.

I would like to say that I did post this minor mod to JediKnightii.net. Apparently someone liked the mod enough to submit it to THIS website on my behalf. I find that a great comliment. Thank you to whoever did so.

The work I put into this litthe project actualy wasn't too much, although I do appreciate Blood_asp's comments in regards to my effort. The work was around a half hour, from figuring out how to impliment my own picture, to editing the R2 pic, to writing up the readme.txt and emailing it away. It was a half hour spent having fun.

And should some of you not like it, that is quite alright by me. I did not set out to make something everyone would enjoy, as it's simply impossible to please everybody. I had made something that *I* liked, and later submitted it.

Apparently there were 130 something people from this website, and a bit over 300 people from Jediknightii.net thought the mod was good enough to download.

Like it, don't like it. It doesn't particularly matter to me. Contrary to assertations of certain individuals, I do not sit at home with star wars technical manuals, nor do my lady-friends describe my sexual prefferances as abnormal... not that I see how those things have any bearing on the quality of this minor mod.

I am however, as stated, a geek, although not what I woudl describe as a "star wars" geek, despite my obvious enjoyment of the genre. And a moderate wealthy geek at that :) Envy at your own convenience, if that's what you wish to devote your time to, or simply accept me as just another player having fun with a good game. I'll continue to devote my time to making stuff for a game I like to play around with.

And finally.....

Who wants to place bets that MegalomaniacVII has a copy of this download installed on his own computer, but just hates to admit it to the point of childish taunts ;)

~The Last of the Jedi Wookiee


SS GogetaPosted: 07/16/02 19:19   Report Abuse
Well I'm glad for this. Maybe now my JK menu wont lag. The Default one would lag so bad on my computer it took for ever to get the mouse cursor where i wanted it to go.


Katarn's clonePosted: 08/15/02 04:36   Report Abuse
I don't care what others think, this is a cool mod. perfect 10. it brings more livliness to the game. now if onl;y wookie man changed the doom death sound to the star wars theme it would be cool.


XanatharPosted: 03/20/03 06:22   Report Abuse
LOL, R2D2 on the startup menu.

That's cute, and a nice little bit of customization. I love that little robot. This gets a 7.


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