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Skin based on Hal Jordan from the Green Lantern comic books. I pretty much started again from scratch. I added texture to it. I also changed to look more like Hal Jordan. I added bot and single player support too.  


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Download: Green Lantern 2.0
File Size: 990KB
Date: 07/04/02
Author: Potatochimp
Downloads: 1227


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 8
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OrionPosted: 07/04/02 15:36   Report Abuse
MUCH better than last time. I'm glad to see you went back and modified this skin. It still looks a little dull (hair), but hey, better than I can do. =)



EmonPosted: 07/04/02 16:14   Report Abuse
Huge, huge improvement. I give you a 6 for your effort.

To improve it, search for some Photoshop tutorials on clothing wrinkles, clothing wrinkles are what give it the most realism. Also look at for a tutorial on texture wrapping. You'll want to use the clothing wrinkles and tunic and such as a replacement for the girl in the tutorial, and a fabric texture as the snake skin (from the tutorial). Wrapping textures over the wrinkles greatly helps improve the texture, instead of just using a texturizer filter.

Also, try to make it look less cartoon-ish. Yeah, it's a comic book character, but it looks very out of place in JO... I'd recommend making the green darker, using some sort of fabric texture, etc.

Again, getting better. I hope that helps to improve your next version. :)


sithlordx1000Posted: 07/04/02 22:30   Report Abuse
Emon is right. Dont try to dry the mussle tone lines in, because that looks kind of cheap. Good work though!


sithlordx1000Posted: 07/04/02 22:31   Report Abuse
I dont know why I typed dry. I meant to type "DRAW." Sorry...


BeowulftheBardPosted: 07/05/02 02:06   Report Abuse
I agree with Emon as well =/. But then again, this IS better than the first. A 7/10.


Blade76Posted: 07/05/02 07:08   Report Abuse
Well It's cool, I'm not into the marvel comics unless its xmen and spiderman, but i commend your effort on this skin... May I suggest a little more detail :)


Blynk821Posted: 07/05/02 22:01   Report Abuse
hey this is a lot better than b4, and i agree with emon, yeah u should really try 2 make it a lot more realistic, it looks funny in JO. o and blade, Green Lanters from DC not Marvel ;-)


Steffan_DKPosted: 07/06/02 22:32   Report Abuse
Interesting. I give it a six. I think the new Green Lantern (the one on the JLA on Cartoon Network at least)is a black guy.


Steffan_DKPosted: 07/11/02 01:10   Report Abuse
*Holds an ignighted lightsaber to strife_7's neck.*

COMICS!? BORING!? ... words can not describe my feeling of pity and rage that are directed in your general direction.


SuntanoPosted: 10/09/02 21:43   Report Abuse
Looks like its made of clay (but hey I cant do zip in modding) 7, one question aint green lantern black?


JidePosted: 07/15/03 00:31   Report Abuse
green lanterns only black in justice league. lol hes originally white(not tryin to b racist). looks good, but... sideburns?? their frikin ugly man. delete them. 6/10


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