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A demo of the final version that will eventually be a
map pack of Endor based levels. A small Multiplayer Saber Duel level designed
for 2 players. It's a forest clearing on Endor where Luke takes some
of his more promising Pupils for special saber training.


Level Info:

Download: Endor: Midnight Duel (Demo)
File Size: 209KB
Date: 07/06/02
Author: Friend14
Downloads: 1376


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 12
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CorrectionPosted: 07/06/02 18:17   Report Abuse

I just gotta say I loved the screenies in showcase and have been waiting fer this level..

very nice, its a bit small but thats not bad. makes a neat duel level. I think its cool :]


DarunionPosted: 07/06/02 18:57   Report Abuse
Screenshots look neat, might want to brighten them up a bit so we dont have to strain our already jk2 ridden eyes anymore than we have.


TRA_ScourgePosted: 07/06/02 22:40   Report Abuse
Friend14, I am pleased. The fact that this was merely a demo pleases me even more. Let's dive into analysis, shall we?

*rubs hands*

Friend14 knows a thing or two about landscaping. I felt like the terrain could be a bit more random though -- it was as if he were holding back, with the tiny mounds of earth. Still, the cleaves were most impressive, and very tasteful. I also might note that Friend14 scored a Screen of the Day with one of his (I assume Friend14 is a male) screenshots. His trees were fearfully, wonderfully made -- the most realistic Jedi Knight trees I have ever seen.) The level is enclosed in a cube, although it is most cleverly masked.

Friend14 scores again. The forest was a forest! Maybe this does not sound as impressive as it is, so I will provide an example to illustrate the statement's importance. A time back, Lukasz Matuszek ("Ortheza") released Heart of the Forest for JK, which earned status as Level/Map of the Week. While Heart of the Forest was a very well-made level, there were no real trees to be spoken of. There were only artfully crafted textures to give the illusion of trees. Endor: Midnight Duel (Demo) contains realistic trees, and other such vegetation (credit also goes to MaDa for his texturing ingenuity).

I don't care what anyone says, IT'S DARK AT MIDNIGHT (unless you happen to be in the Arctic/Antarctic circles). Darkness is what makes this level atmospheric. I think it was tastefully used. I also think that no one should complain about it, nor should they count points off their respective ratings for it. Jedi Knight levels have babied players with excessive lighting, when greater depths of gameplay have yet to be explored in darkness. Thus, the lighting...*sigh*...is good.

There are no real dynamics to be spoken of in this level, which may have been to its detriment. Perhaps with some randomized nighttime sounds (alien owls, etc.), the level could have been made more atmospheric. The level Blue Rain, by Bulworth, utilized a cog which played an eagle screech in the level. Very simple additions such as that can make large bounds, when used properly.

Item Placement:
As it is a sabering level, there are no guns present. There are force powerups, however, and they are placed at reasonable locations. I think that that is all this level requires, in terms of items.

Two-player duels do not require much: just an opponent, and a weapon with which to smite them. Given both, this level (with its size greatly considered) is ideal for a quick lightsaber showdown.

Perhaps the two greatest issues I can think of with this level are its effect on slower machines (translucent mats, see-behind mats, and intricate 3d objects), and the possibility of getting slowed down when traveling too close to the outside border of the battle area. As players cannot exactly SEE where the boundary is, they are that much more likely to run into it. Players' instict, I think, will lead them to fight in the general center of the level, I think.

I may not have made the perpendicular edges of the cube as visible. I know that I would not see them nearly as much, if I were playing, however.
The opening text before the level is loaded appears to be translated or phrased poorly. I would definitely find something more intelligible to say.
My current machine is not up to par to run this level properly. I look forward to running through it again when I get a new one.

Final comments:
Friend14, I hope that many players download your level, and take many lessons from it. Your innovative vision has opened my eyes to hitherto unexplored realms of JK editing. I greatly look forward to the rest of your level pack, and I hope that my criticisms will help you in your next projects.

Your work yet again confirms that the JK editing community is not lost. Thank you.


drizzt2k2Posted: 07/06/02 22:52   Report Abuse
dang man, that could score as a massassi review! great level friend14 i love it.


ArchaicBluePosted: 07/07/02 01:45   Report Abuse
wha-? is it just me, or are those screenshots _really_ dark?


Lore seekerPosted: 07/07/02 04:29   Report Abuse
I give it a 9. Everything is amazing except that the level is too small... and I could use guns. Guns+big dark area with hiding places=fun. Anyway, back to the good. This level really shows that JK can still do some amazing stuff, even though it's 5 years old. I'm glad I got it all those years ago. For those of you who don't have JK, it's worth the $10 investment just for this level.

Friend, you own... I want the whole map pack!


darthgroovyiiPosted: 07/07/02 05:33   Report Abuse
Sorry, I only see a big black nothing on both screeens. A hint of texture, but nothing.


*Timewolf*Posted: 07/07/02 06:27   Report Abuse
Tip - Turning up monitor brightness is a wonderful tool!


DS-181-61Posted: 07/07/02 15:07   Report Abuse
It's dark at midnight....LOL. Too many peeps complain aboot the darknes. Pah. I think it's great atmosphere mood and tone setting. 9/10. Good Job!


TRA_ScourgePosted: 07/07/02 19:12   Report Abuse
Completely slipped my mind, haha!

Rating: 9. Have a good day.


[D6]KoobiePosted: 07/07/02 20:55   Report Abuse
I give this an 8. It's really nice and atmospheric, but the use of a skybox instead of "black walls" would greatly improve the level.

Also, you forget to flag the sky as sky, if you shoot at it, it's just a ceiling.

Nice level all in all.


ShadowXPosted: 07/21/02 01:48   Report Abuse
I was intrigued by the idea, but this map is somewhat small for a forest and the framerate can get rather low at points. I have a GeForce4 Ti 4600, yet the framerate dropped to 30 fps in places (while it's normally around 100-300). If this framerate problem could be alleviated and some familiar landmark such as the shield generator and/or landing platform were included, the map would be great.

Rating: 6


SkyXaxPosted: 07/03/03 20:41   Report Abuse
FRIEND14 PLEASE HEAR MY IDEA!! Oh oh oh! I have a perfect idea! Okay, people said (and I agree) that they wanted guns right? Well, since Imperials WERE here before and they got killed, what you could do to make it cool and STILL have guns is put a few empty Stormtrooper limbs with guns near them so it looks like they died or got torn apart or something. And you can make that bunker where Luke and the guys infiltrated and put guns on a weapons rack in there like they would actully have! So it wont look odd with random guns scattered across, it will look like an old battle scene! I think it's a good idea but it's your level.


SkyXaxPosted: 07/03/03 20:43   Report Abuse
Oh and Lore Seeker is right. Guns + Dark forest area = FUN!


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