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This is a multiplayer skin of Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Also, I modified the saber to have a thicker core, and darkened the glow to have it look like the AOTC sabers.


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Download: Dark Forces 2: Kyle Katarn
File Size: 760KB
Date: 07/10/02
Author: Jeremy "Mr. Alias" Whinery
Downloads: 1512


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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AnarchangelPosted: 07/10/02 17:28   Report Abuse
Look real close to the original, i give it a 9


AnarchangelPosted: 07/10/02 17:28   Report Abuse
Look real close to the original, i give it a 9


sithlordx1000Posted: 07/10/02 18:13   Report Abuse
I do not understand. I have the original Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith and the movies in JK:DF 2 he looked quite similar to the one in JK2:JO. But the player model was like this but he had some whiskers instead of a beard. (So I'm guessing this is supposed to be similar to the in-game Kyle) Could someone actually trim his beard to where he looks as if he has whiskers? Good skin though. 9/10


Marcus LordsonPosted: 07/10/02 19:07   Report Abuse
I really see no reason why to have a DF2 skin for JO. I mean, he looks the same in DF2, sans beard.


AKPiggottPosted: 07/10/02 19:21   Report Abuse
.and his trousers are black, and he has less grey hair, and he doesn't wear gloves.. but apart from that.. yes, they are very similar...


JipePosted: 07/10/02 19:40   Report Abuse
If you're going to make a skin, fine, make a skin. Don't release a lightsaber 'mod' along with it.


koyamaPosted: 07/10/02 21:18   Report Abuse
neat skin, but the sabers have little dots/lines/circles at the very top which is very unsightly...


Mr. AliasPosted: 07/10/02 22:34   Report Abuse
After reading the comments, I feel I should tell you a little more about what I was going for. If you look at the cutscenes in DF2, Jason Court (Kyle Katarn) wears the tan outfit you see Kyle wearing in JO. But the skin in DF2 had a white shirt, light brown bracers, black pants, and alas brown greaves over black boots. That's what I was going for, and as for the whiskers on Kyle's face instead of a full beard..

Yes I COULD do that, but I rather like Kyle with a full beard. And it was a mistake to add the sabers in until I fixed the little texture glitch at the top.. I was planning on sending a letter to massassi to not post this mod, simply because I forgot the team skins *cough* anyways, in version two of the skin.. I've darkened up the shirt in some areas so it isn't *too* bright in-game, I've fixed the light sabers and made it a seperate pk3, I also darkened his hair a bit more to match Jason Court's color, and gave him blue-green eyes.

Anywho.. enjoy this while it's up, and thanks for the constructive critisism.


SavageXPosted: 07/11/02 10:27   Report Abuse
Hey, that looks pretty good. Only two problems that I see though are that Kyle in JK didn't have that bown band on his right arm under the shoulder pad and I think his boots had pads on them that were strapped on the shin part. Other than that, it looks pretty good. I give it a 9/10.

-- SavageX


OoCHAoSoOPosted: 07/12/02 20:42   Report Abuse
Looks good, except you forgot a bunch of the little details.

Like, his boot detail, for example - they weren't boots.

They were just like, black all-purpose shoes with leather shingaurds that laced up from behind. Similar things on his arms.

His shirt buttoned down about 6 inches, and, as ShadowX said, no brown rim on his cuff.

No gloves, but he said that too.

Other than that, it looks pretty good.


slim_sheepyPosted: 07/15/02 02:21   Report Abuse
Doesn't anyone remember the good old Kyle? The hardened mercenary who sporting a trechcoat, black hair, and a mission? I do. It would be such a triumph to see a skin such as this emerge....


slim_sheepyPosted: 07/15/02 02:22   Report Abuse


BaldrickPosted: 07/23/02 18:40   Report Abuse
Just to let you guys know, version 2 of the skin is at www.jediknightii.net.


FIKLYPosted: 03/15/03 17:49   Report Abuse
LOOKS LIKE CRAP just kidding nice skin u could have done better but nice, good job 9


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