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Disruption is an insta-gib mod for JK2. Players are equipped with a disruptor and infinite ammo, one shot kills. Gameplay speed is increased and all powerups are removed.

This mod is SERVER SIDE - only the HOST needs it to play multiplayer. If you are joining a Disruption server you do not need the download, however to play with bots you will need to download it.

*1.1 New Feature* Players dismember when killed with disruptor rifle. (See Notes)
*1.1 Bug Fix* Disruptor rifle can no longer be pulled as this used to leave the player un-armed.
*1.1 Minor Adjustment* No knockback when player has just spawned and is still invulnerable.

-- Updated to version 1.1 07/20/2002


Level Info:

Download: Disruption 1.1
File Size: 253KB
Date: 07/14/02
Author: Legacy
Downloads: 1770


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 4
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ArchAngel_ZEROPosted: 07/15/02 05:35   Report Abuse
Does just what it says. Doesn't complicate the game with unneccesary additions (slow down/ screwy bots). I give it a 9 because the speed-up takes some getting used to. Good job.


JK__FalconPosted: 07/16/02 14:56   Report Abuse
sorry but this appears to do excatley the same as Legacy's insta-gib mod that has been out for ages (can't remember the name off the top of me head)


Legacy_JKPosted: 07/16/02 15:05   Report Abuse
yeah this is the same mod basically :/ it's just server side now so that theres no unneccessary download for clients.


Darth VedderPosted: 07/16/02 16:56   Report Abuse
I rarely download mods, but since I was hooked to UT once, I couldn't resist downloading a instgib mod. :)

I must say, this mod is great, I don't have the ability to play online alot, so I play with bots, and well, you all know the bots in jk2 are way to easy to defeat, even on the highest difficulty. With this mod the bots get to be alot more challenging, I have yet to win a match! (I keep getting second)

I gave it a 9. Great stuff

One thing, this mod is annoying in wide open levels like the massassi temple level. you start on those high boarders and get shot of all sides...
It's great in the bespin ctf level!


Phoenix_FlowerPosted: 05/13/07 00:27   Report Abuse
I've tried to use both this and the earlier version and it won't run. I did everything it said to do in the read me: extract to gamedata, load mod, start game as normal. I pick my level and launch the game. The JO loading screen shows up and my computer freezes to the point of having to perform a manual shut down. I've tried every game type, mod and non mod levels, with and without bots. Same thing every time.

If there is something that I didn't do or some way to fix this, please let me know (phoenix_flower1986@hotmail.com).


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