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This will change all of your sabers, and the swing effects, making them (in my mind) more realistic.


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Download: Real Sabers
File Size: 195KB
Date: 07/14/02
Author: Brent P. (A.K.A. Dentian)
Downloads: 859


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 5
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Hard DriverPosted: 07/14/02 21:27   Report Abuse
They look more like JK lightsabers, except with a glow around them. But it still looks good, some may like it a lot. 7 for the apparent hard work.
I'm still waiting until someone can override the default saber and make one like in OBI-WAN for X-Box. You know, the 3do that is shaded on the edges to blur out? They did the same effect for blaster bolts in that game, and both looked fantastic. I hope someone does that.


koyamaPosted: 07/15/02 02:21   Report Abuse
Well, I think someone should make saber blades that look just like these:

If someone can make the blades just like those and have it so when it swings, it looks like the swings in episode 2 (as in not streaking) and its for SP and MP, I will definitally use it.


EmonPosted: 07/15/02 03:21   Report Abuse
Both blasters and sabers in OB1 looked like crap.

I give it an 8 because they aren't sloppily done like many others.


AlyssaPosted: 07/21/02 05:57   Report Abuse

Great job on the blades themselves. MAJOR kudos for being able to get the tips rounded; no one else has been able to do quite as good a job as you have in that regard.

You lose points, though, for the funky hilts you gave your sabers. What's up with that?


DentianPosted: 08/03/02 10:54   Report Abuse
Hmm...took me long enough, but here are a few replies.

Hard Driver: Hate to break this to you, but Obi-Wan sucks. What more can you expect from a console game? :P

Gendo: It's supposed to look like an aqua color. Don't like it, change it yourself. It's not hard.

Alyssa: The hilt isn't included in the actual .pk3. It just happens to be the hilt I was using when I took the screenshots. It's Plo'Koon's saber hilt...can't recall who made it.

Samurai: What I would give for a shotgun and this guy's address...


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