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The withered pages of archaic tomes, whose characters were scrawled by unknown scribes of ages past, say that war wascommon indeed between the Armies of Man and the Legions and Hordes of the vile fiends who had wished to undo him. These wars had resulted in more or less a stalemate between the insidious minions of the shade and those who proclaimed themselves the Defenders of the Light. These very same professed followers of the righteous path, or the descendents thereof, during an ebb in the flow of the River of Blood, and motivated by twisted and misguided religious fervour to subsequently betray those races who had been invaluable aid in the preservation and mutual survival of them all, Man included.

And so it is thus, that when once again, with the return of the Legions of the Night, rallied under a single, unseen standard, Man finds himself very much alone upon the field of battle and only in the end realises his folly in forsaking the bonds of his forefathers.

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Level Info:

Download: The Rites of Xanthus TC
File Size: 4.9MB
Date: 07/16/02
Author: Lord_Grismath and the RoX Staff (email to Grismath)
Downloads: 1448


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 7
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JediMarinePosted: 07/16/02 23:54   Report Abuse
Wow! It's finally released!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 07/17/02 00:01   Report Abuse
(Note that I did not rate my own creation ;])

This is Version 1 of the patch, useable only with RoX levels at the moment, the posting of with is shortly forthcoming.

I hope you all enjoy this, the fruition of o so much labourious work indeed.


PommyPosted: 07/17/02 00:18   Report Abuse
And be sure to download the SP level designed for use with this TC, The Harbour of Belport, available here:

I rarely rate files but...


BransinPosted: 07/17/02 06:08   Report Abuse
I was really anticipating this TC. I would not recommend taking the time to download this TC for those that have slow systems like myself. I'm giving this TC a rating of 5. Yes it seems a bit harsh, yet how can you enjoy something if the framerate is worse than Drazen Isle? Once the level loaded I saw the choppy cutscene with subtitles that were hard to read. I then switched to 640x480 to reduce framerate and disable colored lighting hoping that will solve some framerate issues. Turns out it didn't do any good, and I was getting some mad HOM effects. Others with faster systems will probably give a higher rating. Yet this TC failed to be compatible with slower machines. I gave up playing after 3 minutes. With such terrible framerate I wasn't even able to defeat a single Orc. I don't see the fun in a TC when I have to travel around with my head looking down, and not being able to see the well crafted scenary. I hope chapter 2 and 3 are better crafted to support slower machines. For those that were wondering, I'm running on a 200MHZ, Voodoo 3 PCI, 98 RAM.


AKPiggottPosted: 07/17/02 08:19   Report Abuse
No disrespect intended, but if you're running it on a P200, how do you expect it to run that well?


Darth VedderPosted: 07/17/02 11:21   Report Abuse
As I said before, RoX Rocks :)

And what are you (Bransin) complaining about framerate issues? It ran perfectly at my machine. on the highest resolution that mots allows....
(And I though I had a crappy pc)


ElmoPosted: 07/17/02 14:00   Report Abuse
You shouldn't rate the level bad, just because your system is too slow... it's not the levels fault.

It's great, much better than it was when I worked on it...


EmonPosted: 07/17/02 17:54   Report Abuse
How can you expect the thing to run well on a P200 with a Voodoo 3? The TC wasn't created for slow PCs like that, you shouldn't rate it down because your incredibly obselete computer cannot run something created in the last few years.

I never drop below 85 FPS in the first level. I rated it a 10, but honestly I think it only deserves and 8. If you coupled the TC patch with the level GOB like Leeza's Destiny and some other SP levels with mods, it wouldn't crash so much when loading the game. File size would be increased, yes, but it would definatly be worth it.


BransinPosted: 07/18/02 04:49   Report Abuse
You don't understand. Lucasarts didn't make levels that had poor framerate. The number one thing about level editing is to think about your viewers. A good level is something that is user friendly. I'm not the only one with an out of date system.


Matthew PatePosted: 07/18/02 07:09   Report Abuse
I was getting 14FPS and HOM in many places in the first area (I can't kill the serpent so I haven't been able to proceed...) and I have a PIII 500, 128 RAM and a TNT2 Ultra. This should be *more* than enough to run a five year old game that if memory serves requires "a pentium" to run... It's about cleaving strategically and using well placed 3dos... ToaM1 IIRC also suffered from this problem... no wonder Ant's backing him up :)

I haven't rated, since I haven't played the game, but that serpent is irritating me. I think I have to hit its underside but I couldn't read what the Mariner said because the text was the same colour as the background and went by too quickly anyway... get speech!


Lord_GrismathPosted: 07/18/02 12:15   Report Abuse
The orange text was a last minute addition, thatw as originally to find an easier-to-read alternative to the very ornate previous texture (which was green). Apparently this made matters only worse, and this problem will be rectified in the next version of the patch.


TRA_ScourgePosted: 07/19/02 18:53   Report Abuse
(No rating added.)

Players, reviewers, and most importantly the raters and voters, must understand how to rate levels.

Bransin, I understand the pain of having an obsolete machine (P2 266 MHz, etc. etc. *puke*). However, after reviewing your comments, and your rating, I don't feel that you were entirely justified in rating this work a 5.

In order to engage in rating, one must have reviewed the work in its entirety. You said "I gave up playing after 3 minutes." It's not likely that you got to see much of this work at all, despite your framerate problems. Had it been me, I would have considered not rating it at all, because I could not fully observe the work.

If you are unable to see all of a car, can you say that the car was below average? If you eat the carrots and peas, but leave the mashed potatoes and chicken untouched, can you say that the meal was below average? A rating of 5 entails that the project was below average. Your reasoning for giving this project a 5 (after observing your review) appears to be because your framerate was bad (a legitimate concern, yes). Framerate only has to do with gameplay, however, and rating has to do with aesthetics AND gameplay issues (see review section). It is not justified to judge the mashed potatoes and chicken after only eating the carrots and peas, if you catch my drift. I saw nothing written about the neat innovations Grismath put into action, or the novel concepts that he and his associates had strewn together. *In my opinion*, a 5 does not necessarily take elements like [yet not limited to] those into consideration.

If you still feel that your rating was justified, that's just as well. You may rate however you feel is appropriate, and my opinions are not yours. I will not be returning to read any further comments in response to this one...I don't feel like trolling. Just helping. I am glad that someone listed concerns about framerate, so that obsolete computer owners like us can know in advance what to expect. Good day.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 07/23/02 21:49   Report Abuse
Well it was 8-bit :p


pcjedi007Posted: 12/31/02 14:05   Report Abuse
10/10 One of the best mods, it has really good mats, some of the things looked like jo a couploe of times. Btw are you guys making a new lvl for this or was that it, cause im a big fan of it, reminds me of diablo a little. Keep me postade plz.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 04/21/03 12:47   Report Abuse
I'm still working on more levels, on and off. Getting them out of the door is the key issue.


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