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Following the defeat at the Tower of Rotengarde, the unknown forces of Darkness have spread unchecked across the land. The Council of Three recently summoned Tahben of Belport, a former Halberdier who achieved distinction for courage and valour at the Battle of the Tower, to its headquarters.

Thus, Tahben's quest now lies before him. He is to return to the City of his youth, Belport, and report on the status of the city and the whereabouts of the detachment of garrisoned Xanthus Knights, led by Tahben's very father, Rohlben.

To be used with The Rites of Xanthus TC


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Level Info:

Download: RoX TC: The Harbour of Belport
File Size: 13.6MB
Date: 07/17/02
Author: Lord_Grismath and the RoX Staff (email to Grismath)
Downloads: 1467


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 10
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EH_PhoenixPosted: 07/17/02 02:07   Report Abuse
This is a REALLY good level. The only problem is it is a little to short.


Darth VedderPosted: 07/17/02 11:23   Report Abuse
It's a good level, to me the only problem was the filesize :)


JediMarinePosted: 07/17/02 13:47   Report Abuse


BackslashPosted: 07/17/02 16:53   Report Abuse
Rating: 7

I've waiting for RoX for a long while now, and I re-installed MotS just to play it.

The map itself was well done, but a lot shorter than I had expected. Hopefully the next level will be larger.


TracerPosted: 07/18/02 06:10   Report Abuse
It's good, but the amount of slowdown is ridiculous. I'm on a 900mhz/32mb RADEON/128mb DDR machine, and I'm getting 20fps, tops. Mostly 10-20. Makes combat difficult.


Lord_GrismathPosted: 07/18/02 15:32   Report Abuse
That's quite odd, seeing as I'm running a 650 mhz and it runs fine.


TracerPosted: 07/18/02 19:17   Report Abuse
I get it when looking at large areas (such as the harbour).


Sabre_WulfPosted: 07/18/02 23:42   Report Abuse
I won't rate this. It would get like a 2, but I understand it's hard to make a level that works good for slow video cards when yours is fine. I have a 566 VooDoo 3 (outdated big time). Runs like turd. Probably 10 FPS. didn't actually check. I ccouldn't fight the guys in the boats, too bad of a framerate. But I did manage to snipe the reptile thing because I could look away from the docks while doing it. Now, the level looked great, dont' get me wrong. But I had 0 fun playing this level, hence the 2. But like I said, that's mostly my fault. I'm outdated, so the score will stay high. :D nice work anyway!


JarethKPosted: 07/19/02 20:52   Report Abuse
No offense, but the level, as a whole was quite a disappointment. I'm not saying it was poorly made, heck it looked $\/\/@/\/|[, but the amount of slowdown was rediculous (in large areas only)! ): Again, no offense, I though it was something I had done wrong with the res (I was going at 1024x768) so I dropped it all the way down to the lowest possible res at screen size of 1, and I still got rediculous slow down. Provided, I don't run an insanely good machine, but I have tackled quite the monsters in the past [I can run JO (:] and never, ever really had a problem like this. To top it off, the level was quite short and there were a host of smaller problems with the text [for one, the text is orange, which is quite a strain to read when talking with the mariner, seeing as the cutscene is set against a *red* sky. To those who think I'm bashing - I'm not, I'm just giving my unbiased opinion based on what I have seen.
-Interesting, fresh stuff
-A TC that is released
-Terrible slowdown when showing larger areas
-Text issues (specifically color)


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