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JediStyle is a mod I have been working on since the release of the SDK. It is a first phase enhancement of the basic multiplayer that will be used when I later release a new team orientated mod. Version 1.1 fixes the gametype name and some movement tweaks.

Full MP modification
-Two one handed styles added
-towards wall backflip expanded to work in air
-new in-air sideways "ninja" wall flips
-wallrun jump boosted slightly
-jump kick is now a dropkick (only works on downward velocity of jump)
-sideways kick removed
-saber throw does progressive damage, the longer its in the air the more damage it does (ex. quick throw at someone infront of you only does 10 damage)
-one handed styles used during run and has slightly less defense
-2 handed styles used during walk have more defense and damage
-walk speed is closer to run speed
-new "tornado" jump attack for one-handed blue style
-backstab and lunge belong to 2 handed blue
-"new" jump saber slash and hop back attack for one handed yellow
-special attacks cannot be executed immediately after one another
-special attacks do not need enemies "in sight" or directly behind
-new stagger effect when blocking a saber strike
-saber defense arc smaller, no deflecting shots from behind
-1 second buffer between each roll
-dismember automatically on
-more realistic velocity and damage
-blasters and repeater shots randomly ricochet sometimes
-laser main mode is rapid fire
-repeater alt is a stun blast
-homing missile can bounce and does not lose lock from a push
-portable force field fixed so it does not cause "lag"; also the dimensions have been changed into a smaller shield you can crouch behind for cover
-removed the flechette gun for redesign
-explosions now do the same damage to their owners as well as their enemies if caught in the blast
-shield soft ceiling at 75 instead of 100
-standing still while crouched regenerates shield
-health kits and bacta increase health over time instead of instant
-force heal causes you to kneel while healing
-force speed now works like in the movies allowing you to move at blinding speed briefly
-protect does not drain force unless hit
-force push/pull does not knock you down as long


Level Info:

Download: JediStyle v.1.1
File Size: 509KB
Date: 07/17/02
Author: Dan Hernandez a.k.a Stellerwinds
Downloads: 4295


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 4
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Krimson HellkitePosted: 07/17/02 18:25   Report Abuse
This is just plain sweet. Get this or I will kill j00. Even better then Jedi Moves 2.0!


DeathsaiPosted: 07/18/02 00:09   Report Abuse
Erm...why doesnt this work for me? I extracted all the files to my gamedata (i also tried base) and when i selected Load Mod on MP mode, it says JediKnight2 has caused an error in blah blah Jediknight 2 will now close. It also doesnt work on SP. What am i doing wrong!!!


yodaissmartPosted: 07/18/02 01:41   Report Abuse
Deathsai extract all files to a folder in ur gamedata folder. and call the folder Jedi style (or whatever) then u can load it using the mods thing... it must be in a folder in gamedata not base, nice mod i gave it a 9 cuz it nerfed some things i didn't think needed nerfing, other than thoes its a good mod :).


AlyssaPosted: 07/18/02 11:51   Report Abuse
This mod gets an 8. I'd have given you a 10, but I strongly disagree with several of the game-balance changes you made here -- the most important of which is the increased effectiveness you gave to Force Protect. Protect was already overpowered. It doesn't need to be even moreso. :)

Using your mod, I see no reason to bother playing as a Dark Side jedi in MP.


The_Mega_ZZTerPosted: 07/18/02 17:10   Report Abuse
Hmm... I found this very interesting. My "test run" of this consisted of a game of Jedi Master @ Bespin Streets.

First, having to crouch while healing is annoying. My strategy for JM is: get the saber, don't let go, kill everyone, and whenever I'm low on health, press the heal key. The fact that you have to kneel while you heal messes my strategy up (which I don't like ;).

I also didn't like the bouncing/non-pushable homers. This meant once one is fired, it will find it's target no matter what. I thought that highly unfair.

This mod offers an interesting twist to the JO gameplay. I can't say whether a specific person would like it or not (I personally dislike it), so dl it and see for yourself.

My Rating: 8

Done well, but I'm more of a TC person myself, then a tweaker. This merely tweaked the gameplay--I like mods that change it completely. Disruptor, for example, only changes a few things but creates a new type of game!

Even though I don't like this that much, I still rated it high because, frankly, it doesn't suck.


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