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Churning acid glows beneath your feet as your footsteps ring out from the catwalks and reverberate against the cold, stone walls. Ready to devour you, the pits of acid beckon. Intrigued, you gaze down into the mesmerizing muck, and just as your mind drifts into nothingness, you hear a distant battle cry followed by the ignition of a lightsaber. Prepare to die.

Acid Storage Facility 2 is my first map for Jedi Outcast. It is the sequel to my first map for Jedi Knight. I'd worked on it off and on for a few months, and finally decided to scrap it since it just wasn't going where I wanted it to. With enough pushing from Takimoto, I was finally persuaded to finish the project, and I'm glad I did. A special thanks goes out to the people who helped me complete this map: Takimoto, JM, Dethlord, and Gonkish. I hope everyone enjoys the map!

[Editor's Note: This map rocks. I've been priviledged to see it progress through beta stages in Q3 to the awesome final product. It even has it's own custom music made by Dethlord. Get it now, and read the rest while it downloads.]


Level Info:

Download: Acid Storage Facility 2
File Size: 5.2 MB
Date: 07/19/02
Author: MaDaVentor
Downloads: 5115


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 40
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TakimotoPosted: 07/19/02 10:07   Report Abuse
I already said it in the my little editor's note. This level rocks. Get it. 'Nuff said.


GhostOfYodaPosted: 07/19/02 10:13   Report Abuse
Hell yeh.


EL3CTROPosted: 07/19/02 10:26   Report Abuse
Nice, I give it an 8 cause the lights seem too intense in places in my opinion.


RikkuPosted: 07/19/02 10:56   Report Abuse
MaDa, you have created a MASTERPIECE in level design. VERY well done.


Brick PhillipsPosted: 07/19/02 11:49   Report Abuse
wow! if only my game worked properly...


Darth VedderPosted: 07/19/02 11:53   Report Abuse
Does it support bots?


bobafett_765Posted: 07/19/02 13:22   Report Abuse
Looks great! 10\10 for you!


GoofzPosted: 07/19/02 15:12   Report Abuse


Jedi PadawanPosted: 07/19/02 15:42   Report Abuse
I think that this level is great and is fun to play. There are a lot of new features that I have not seen before. The level could be made bigger by adding further floors to the building in an updated version.

Great to play download it now!


NomadžoulPosted: 07/19/02 15:42   Report Abuse
Amazing like always mada. And you got the best of help with it too. Thank you takimoto....without you..we wouldn't have played this awesome lev!! A perfect 10.


Thrawn42689Posted: 07/19/02 16:02   Report Abuse
Hee hee. So how many times did you "scrap" it? 2? 3? I give it a 10.


RuShPosted: 07/19/02 16:26   Report Abuse
Sweet, Nice ,Very cool ,Awsome etc etc etc


oceandragon622Posted: 07/19/02 16:58   Report Abuse
This is a great level! It's fun to have lightsaber battles and try not to fall into the acid. It also has furious gun fights. I gave it a 9 because it would be better if it were bigger, and you could have put some nice secrets into it.


EmonPosted: 07/19/02 17:14   Report Abuse
Excellent level! I sure hope you submit it to and other sites (JOmaps already has it I bet...) so it'll show up on some servers and be worth using.


The Digimon EmperorPosted: 07/19/02 17:38   Report Abuse
Very nicely done. A great piece created you have. Download this everybody should! 10!


Jedi Master JayPosted: 07/19/02 18:33   Report Abuse
wish i had J/O this will be the jhs of jk2


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 07/19/02 19:58   Report Abuse
Yes, yes, it supports bots! So even the 56kers can play! YAY!


Darth VedderPosted: 07/19/02 20:57   Report Abuse
Good, bot support, all levels should have that. I'll check it out.


BackslashPosted: 07/19/02 21:59   Report Abuse


Lord_GrismathPosted: 07/19/02 22:55   Report Abuse
uhhhh... Darth_Dk... I hope you weren't being serious.


DethlordPosted: 07/19/02 22:56   Report Abuse
Mada's level is awesome. That's about all there is to say.

Hey, if you like the music (or even if you don't) direct some comments to! This is the first time I've made any electronic music in quite a while so I'm curious as to what you think.

Are you still reading this? DOWNLOAD THE LEVEL NOW


koyamaPosted: 07/20/02 00:19   Report Abuse
Great map but I just gotta say, why would someone make a facility to store ACID? I mean, what're they gonna do with it? Is there some story behind this or is it just a "shut up, it's cool" kinda thing.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 07/20/02 00:56   Report Abuse
It's really more of a "shut up, it's cool" kind of a thing... There's really no story behind it, but why would anyone construct a place for people to kill each other in? Games don't make a lot of sense.


trj0223Posted: 07/20/02 04:09   Report Abuse
I have only looked at the screenshots and I have this to say: This is your first level?!? it looks like you have had years of level editing for JO (JK2). Good level.


TakimotoPosted: 07/20/02 06:06   Report Abuse
I should hope it supports bots. I spent the better part of an evening workin' on 'em! :)


ApoK_DragonPhinnPosted: 07/20/02 06:31   Report Abuse
Good work as usual MaDa, there really isnt' anything for me to add, so I will try and add what little problems i have with the level.

I was lucky enough to have been a tester since the beginning, and I have always been a big fan, but man MaDa, did you HAVE to take out my favorite area!? It was a little laggy, but the chicken shooting cows were freaking hilarious! You worked too hard to take them out. I hope Sal and Billy make appearances in another level though. Maybe a co-op. Those bovines were TOUGH!

Another thing, did you take out the cafeteria thing where the stormtrooper was impaled on the chandalier? i couldn't find it, i think there was a wall where it used to be.

The other room you took out, it looked like the area where Darth Vader and Luke Skywaker dueled at the end of Empire Strikes Back, the carbonite freezing room, except you had the switch pour acid on them. How come you didn't keep that either? You replaced it with like a much more standard room.

It was a good level, but you went too serious, all those quirky ideas were real crowd pleasers man. Sal and Billy!! SAL AND BILLY!!!! Tribute!


DeTRiTiC-iQPosted: 07/20/02 17:47   Report Abuse
Looks great, and has some nice flow. Seems a bit too small considering that I think it features every weapon? I also think all of the overhead pipes in the side rooms should have been clipped out, its far to easy to get caught on them, this also applies to some over areas that include a lot of detail.

The pit fade of the acid was also kind of annoying, many people like myself who play CTF a lot have got into the habbit of doing a self-kill as soon as a fade starts to respawn faster. Why not just set the acid to cause 200 damage?

I rated it 7, because personally its too small for my tastes. It also doesn't give players enough room to use the more advanced gameplay strategies.

(Inicidently, before anyone flames me, I consider 7 to be an excellent score, I give excellent maps that I play a lot, 8. Almost flawless maps with plenty of unique features get 9, and i've never given a 10. Drazen Isle got a 9)


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 07/20/02 18:05   Report Abuse
I did the pit fade because just using damage doesn't award points correctly. So throwing someone into the acid wouldn't give you a kill, it would give the other person a self kill.


RazePosted: 07/20/02 23:11   Report Abuse
Dunno, it felt a bit dark and small and the waves on the acid looked a bit extreme.. oh well


UbuuPosted: 07/21/02 03:09   Report Abuse
Excellent Work Mada. Very professional.

Darth DK: "Hooked on phonics! Worked for me!"


BlackPantherPosted: 07/21/02 08:03   Report Abuse
Sweet job mada!
And it's about damn time you released that damn level! hehehe seems it was in the making forever! :D


Mystic0Posted: 07/21/02 15:34   Report Abuse
Score: 10/10

Best JO map I have ever played!
The soundtrack added to the atmosphere and made the overall level more exciting.



SuperNerd_IJPosted: 08/02/02 21:17   Report Abuse
I give this level my rare (first) rating of 10/10. You have obviously put lots of effort and time into making this beautiful sequal. The music (as i have heard was done by "deth") has a perfect infusion with the enviroment of the level.


SithLord7Posted: 09/10/02 20:21   Report Abuse
Wow. Cool level. Completely new. Doesn't appear to be based off of anything. The dislike I have the level of darkness and the size. I wish it could have been bigger and have more lights. Ah wait the lighting was good now that I recall there was green lighting from the acid right? sweet.9


PhantomManPosted: 09/10/03 19:33   Report Abuse


NightwindPosted: 10/22/03 04:38   Report Abuse
NICE! Excellent job on everything- music complements the level greatly, and the there are no flaws. If you can, make a second version, but perhaps a little larger.


XeNPosted: 02/03/04 23:15   Report Abuse
"It's really more of a "shut up, it's cool" kind of a thing... There's really no story behind it, but why would anyone construct a place for people to kill each other in? Games don't make a lot of sense".

I have known your unlucky story MV and I like this comment about your level.


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