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After spending the night in the impromptu encampment erected by the now long-gone brigands, Tahben has made his way into an underground passage that is believed to lead into the City of Belport. He must find his way into the City of his childhood and aid in the defense of the City form the OrcishSiege. He also remembers that an old friend of his Father, Phillimus Arabedal, owns a Tavern somewhere in the Western Quarter of the city. He may perhaps have some knowledge of the whereabouts of the detachment of Xanthus soldiers who are still missing, or perhaps even the Hall of Mages, whose whereabouts are known by very few. Tahben's father was one of these few, but alas he commanded the missing expeditionary force in question.


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Download: RoX TC: A City Under Siege
File Size: 24 MB
Date: 07/20/02
Author: Lord Tiberius Grismath
Downloads: 1778


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 5
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JediMarinePosted: 07/20/02 04:02   Report Abuse
Yeahoo! :-)


Matthew PatePosted: 07/20/02 04:44   Report Abuse
I'm a little disappointed I had to wait so long between the last release and this one... :P


Dex_of_NoeXcusePosted: 07/20/02 05:34   Report Abuse
File too big . . . dial-up internet too slow . . . can't stop talking in short phrases. . . the horror, the horror!


GhostOfYodaPosted: 07/20/02 10:32   Report Abuse
Amazing...what else could you expect from the RoX team?


Sith_Xanatos__Posted: 07/21/02 18:17   Report Abuse
A little short but, awsome. 10x1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Can't wait for the multiplayer one.


RenegadePosted: 07/23/02 03:05   Report Abuse
...I don't think there will be any MP level, Xanatos...

I liked this one a lot! keep up the good work!


reaperman45Posted: 10/29/05 22:43   Report Abuse
am i supposed to have a bryar pistol and flashbombs? I dont know what is going on ;_;


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