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This is my second map. My first map was the sp_HouseOfMadness map. A few people said that my last map was too small and had no storyline. This map is quite a lot bigger and it now has a storyline (see below).

Jedi Knight Qui-Zan Buuzza left recently on a mission to source out the Emperor's Secret Villa on the planet Endor. Word was received from him that the Emperor had a data disc with the new Death Star's security plans. We lost transmission with him and have not heard from him since.
The republic are now sending in Kyle Katarn to locate this data disc and to rescue the jedi.
Even now, Kyle is on his way to the heavily guarded Villa.
Rumour has it that the Emperor has trained an elite group of sith warriors to be his personal bodyguards.


Level Info:

Download: The Emperor's Villa
File Size: 4.8MB
Date: 07/22/02
Author: Zeus (GRANT JAMES)
Downloads: 5651


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 12
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TerraPosted: 07/22/02 06:41   Report Abuse
Why not? After a long day of killing and spreading fear, wouldn't you want to go home to a nice place and Relax?


Hard DriverPosted: 07/22/02 16:36   Report Abuse
The archi and everything related looks good, but work on the skybox until it looks right. And some blue light in the water wouldn't hurt since it's sunny out.

There's one glaring error in your plot: Kyle was not a Jedi Knight during the time of the Emperor and would have gotten his butt kicked by those Sith. Unless, of course, this takes place during the Emperor Reborn conflict and Mysteries of the Sith.


GethroPosted: 07/22/02 20:24   Report Abuse
yeah the file isn't there...



PommyPosted: 07/22/02 21:33   Report Abuse
The files server is down right now. It will be up soon, hopefully by tomorrow.


AlyssaPosted: 07/23/02 18:53   Report Abuse
I agree about the Emperor's pretty low probability for owning a vacation villa. A more important question begs to be asked: why would he leave a data disk with Death Star security plans in his summer home? You'd think the man who singlehandedly orchestrated the takeover of the galaxy would be a bit too smart to make those kinds of mistakes. :)

Overall, this level is more "Weekend at Bernie's" than "Star Wars." But you still get a 5 for effort.


CU-EDA COBROPosted: 08/01/02 22:57   Report Abuse
this level looks kick ass but the server wont let me download it says "page not found" whats up with that?


Daft_VaderPosted: 08/02/02 23:31   Report Abuse
Hey guys, I mean Hitler's a fair comparison ( evil madman obsessed with complete dominataion) and he liked to go off into the Black Forest and sit around on deck chairs his giant castle villa with nature paths and an indoor swimming pool so... give the guy a break already the level rocks.

(No offence was implied towards German people)


JediideJPosted: 08/05/02 01:14   Report Abuse
This is another level relying heavily on JO's wonderful saber combat system. Framerate was poor without a beefy computer especially toward the end. If your going to make a saber combat level be inventive. Running around back and forth to kill different jedi can be done with and npc spawn command. I will admit that aquiring a jedi to work with you and the new skins for reborns was very nice. But the jedi following you is another thing that can be done in any level with an npc spawn command.

The part i really liked, and is what gave you a 7 and seperated you from "The Ladder" feeling, was the variety in your duals. Having those swinging death scythes added alot more of adenaline rush to the dual. Although the texturing could have been a little less bright. The best part was the spinning dual area. That was absolutely awesome and made the fight's ten times more fun.

So work on your frame rate and think of more ways of using the level to make the fights different and you'll have a peice of quality work.

p.s. Don't bother putting a story in if the entire story is in the readme file.


shadowsithPosted: 08/14/02 20:14   Report Abuse
what's a villa anyway? o well, i liked the level. exscellelly the jedi dude. i gave it a ten


dark_masterPosted: 09/22/02 04:15   Report Abuse
who cares about the cheesey story line its a COOL level really like griping and droping storm tropers of the high spots to their deaths sweet level 10


Krazie4CINPosted: 09/25/02 06:06   Report Abuse
i cant extract the files to my base it says i have a bad crc, what should i do sombody email me pleas on how to fix this minor setback thanks


Katarn's clonePosted: 10/30/02 01:12   Report Abuse
unh unh. the courthouse and madness are much better. the doors are to small, the hallways are crowded, the damn traps are impossible(codes only way to do it), and it's just very annoying. sorry. 5 points for trying(real hard to, sort of great job, but not a masterpeice). can you please tell me how to make objectives, spawning, traps, little white letter thingy like the sith people had when they died and well, how to submit a level? please!


kunckles1Posted: 12/03/02 22:26   Report Abuse
Yeah, I have the same problem as Krazie4CIN. There is something screwed up with the zip file. When I try to extract it, I get some error. Then, the PK3 file is not where I extracted it to. What is wrong?


GoliathManPosted: 05/13/03 09:16   Report Abuse
Okay, I enjoyed this level greatly up until I rescued Mr. Buzzaa. When I defeated the first Emperor Bodyguard after that point, I become rooted to the spot and cannot move. Nothing I do helps, I can look around and change weapons, but I can't fire or move. Is there any reason for this?


samandmax221Posted: 08/23/03 22:31   Report Abuse


joe of loathPosted: 05/25/05 14:36   Report Abuse
I thought the sith were dead by then? if I was wrong I must go lynch my 'star wars know it all' friend... *glerk*


kaborkaPosted: 07/10/05 21:18   Report Abuse
Can't unzip: the zipfile is corrupted


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 01:50   Report Abuse
Hey there I liked your map and I am making a mod of my own, the details are secret right now but if you email me at then i can tell you all about it. The basics are i want to make a really awesome custom mod and i want new levels, models, sounds and weapons and i am looking for a new testing team and a design team.


Anonymous2Posted: 01/23/09 14:29   Report Abuse
Zeus? izzit possible to spawn these characters, like maul, mekanus and buuzza?


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