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This is my third map.

First Map : House of Madness Second Map : The Emperor's Villa Third Map : The Emperor's Courthouse

I took a lot of time to do nice scripting for this stage. There are many comments from my last map and other people's maps including the following.

1) Some people don't like ladder fighting maps. This isn't a ladder but there is definately a lot of fighting.
2) People want realism. Star Wars is not realistic so no, my map is not realistic - to the movie storyline yes.
3) I used proper sky this time round.
4) A lot of people found my last map too hard. This one isn't going to be easier. See difficulty notes (in readme) if you cannot finish the map.

Storyline :
After visiting the Emperor's Villa on Endor, Kyle found various notes indicating some of the Emperor's secret locations around the universe. The Rebel Alliance has tracked the Emperor's ship to a fairly large courthouse on the planet of Bakura. Kyle and a small force of Rebel soldiers are on there way to locate the Emperor and seek out his devious plans...


Level Info:

Download: The Emperor's Courthouse
File Size: 6.6MB
Date: 07/24/02
Author: Zeus (GRANT JAMES)
Downloads: 6203


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 22
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User Comments:

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THRAWN_18Posted: 07/24/02 06:20   Report Abuse
Um...Why did Kyle turn into the Emperor at the end? Was that suppose to mean something?



Darth XtremePosted: 07/24/02 19:04   Report Abuse
without cheats i made it past the first snipers, made it pretty far until the other snipers in the level got me right at the last second before i took out the last one.

with codes great level. i really like it. i like the weird design to all your levels. the ending is kinda weird so im gonna give it a 9. awesome work.


SotE_Xizor1Posted: 07/24/02 20:33   Report Abuse
This is a really cool level. The Emperor's Villa is still down. I think you're the first editor to ever figure out how to implement scenes and objectives into a JKII SP level. I look forward to the sequel to this level. I rated this a 10, mostly because this level was cool, and it was funny how you used ugnaughts and tie pilots and other characters use lightsabers! LOL. And the jump pad idea was cool. Next level, could you please make it longer?


THRAWN_18Posted: 07/24/02 22:56   Report Abuse
JNR_GrimReaper, no problem man, glad I could be of help.

Anyway another thing I noticed was there were no power ups in the level so you had to go through the entire level with only the health ya got and Force Heal level 3. And the ending is next to impossible (Had to cheat to beat it).


Xizor_VaderPosted: 07/25/02 14:23   Report Abuse
Why are you rating a game 5 when you haven't even played it yet? It looks interesting, I'm going to rate it after I go through it.

...After playing...

I can't go through the whole thing 'cause it's way to hard. The snipers keep on hitting me before I can do anything about it. Since I can't go through it, I won't rate it. I wish I did, though, 'cause I would have really enjoyed the end (I think). If you're not an expert with a lot of time, I suggest you not even D/L this (unless, of coarse, you are planing to use cheats).

B.T.W. I didn't use cheats

(I meant the secound set of snipers, no the first. I'm not that bad.)


GethroPosted: 07/27/02 20:03   Report Abuse
I played the level up to the room that looked similar to a "throne room". After defeating the four reborn in the room, it said "unable to spawn npc rebornkain" thus I was unable to progress further into the level. I enjoyed it but unfortunately it was unplayable at that point as the door would not open without me defeating the "rebornkain".



WAR_Psyco2900Posted: 07/30/02 18:41   Report Abuse
This level was not that good. There were way too many extremely hard places. You didn't have to figure anything out except for the jump pads. All you had to do in a bunch of places is use force push to push them off a cliff or edge. Why is the throne (first one) so big? All of the guys were bunched up in one place. Everything is WAY to big, the jump pad room got boring cause if you missed it took a while to cross the room.

I give it a 3, for effort. Next time I would spread the guys out a little more, and don't use so many snipers. They are hard to get especially when trying to duel a reborn.


shadowsithPosted: 08/14/02 20:21   Report Abuse
i loved this (what do you call it?) i exspecially loved the end how kyle turned into the emperor. it was a really sweet. i gave it a 10 for all the effert you put into it, and for just making it so cool!


ZeusPosted: 08/29/02 11:26   Report Abuse
Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you all enjoyed the map.


ZeusPosted: 08/29/02 11:33   Report Abuse
Don't worry everyone - a new map is in the making and should be released in a week or 2.


Mark0425Posted: 09/15/02 02:52   Report Abuse
I had the same problem as Gethro with the not loading of rebornkain. Do I need this NCP, if so, where do I get it? Otherwise, great level. You do the best non-LEC SP lvl! Loved the Villa.


SSJVegetaPosted: 09/19/02 11:52   Report Abuse
This level is very great, but it's too hard.


Mark0425Posted: 09/25/02 01:50   Report Abuse
Its hard, but I have QuickSave!


ZeusPosted: 10/03/02 07:40   Report Abuse
You will get the rebornkain error if you have put the map in your base directory. The pk3 file must go in a sp_Courthouse directory in your GAMEDATA directory and then you must load it as a mod.


Katarn's clonePosted: 10/30/02 01:08   Report Abuse
cool, insane and very, very strange. so i guess the emperor lost a lot of money and hired rodian thugs to be his royal guards? ok then, no wonder they're losing the whole empire!(cairn/assembly guard) but this is very awesome. hey, um, can you tell me how to skin, make objectives, voices, sounds for doors, cutscenes and spawning please! and also, how do i submit a level? 10/10


RogoffPosted: 02/12/03 16:51   Report Abuse

Star Wars is not realistic, but its more realistic then Star Trek and others sci fiction movies!!!

Yes, the weapons is not real but in the future, i think we will have weapons how works like the laser guns... Somehow ;))


JT_CoolPosted: 02/28/03 05:06   Report Abuse
Sorry, but I can't say that I enjoy this level. There wasn't much detail, it wasn't realistic at all, and saying that Star Wars isn't realistic isn't a very good reason, Star Wars is more super modern day, in my opinion, and this is just wierd. For the most part the rooms were just huge and square. There was a redicous number of enemies too, I personally don't know about everybody else, but I don't enjoy haveing to reload a level because I was killed in the first 5 seconds. And since when do TIE poliets have light sabers? And old Reelo is movin awfully dang quick. While some of the effects was nice, most of them as far as I could tell had no purpose. I encourage the auther to keep working, and take his time with the next level.


feeankPosted: 04/06/03 07:23   Report Abuse
hey i liked this though i have my little list of suggestions or "complaints"

1-the rebel guys are useless, they only help u with the first set of snipers, after that you actually have to abandon them or you'll end up dead saving them from the reborns and the rebornkain guy.
2-yep, i agree about the first throne being way to big
3-the tunnel critters on steroids were cool, though i was pretty sure the level had a bug since i beated them again and again and they didn't die, it was a bit confussing
4-ok, the second snipers, this wasn't actually as hard, the thing is, when u get killed you kinda say to yourself "d-uh, i gotta go down the ramp before killing this stormtroopers" i mean, once u figure this it loses some of the challenge, u just push the hell out of those guys and then u can take on the shadow trooper
5- the figth in the pond was cool
6-and here comes the ladder sorta. nice anyway

I liked very much the fact that u could put "cutscenes" in the level, it's the most appealing part in it for me.
Highligths= the jump pad room, figthing over the ramp's rest was cool

10 for the cutscenes, you should make rooms less blocky, that's pretty much it


Sgt StrykerPosted: 05/17/03 03:46   Report Abuse
To kill the giant crabs, aim for where they would be if they were normal sized.

Also, what is the name of that techno song that plays throughout? (Not the technofied Imperial March)


EsauPosted: 06/21/03 15:26   Report Abuse
Uh...I played some kind of Geonosis battle. What happened?


GoliathManPosted: 07/01/03 00:56   Report Abuse
I cannot make it for more than five seconds in this level. It crashes everys ingle time. I've reinstalled Outcast and redownloaded this level a multitude of times. Nothing. Does anyone else have thos problem?


the__daddy99Posted: 08/09/03 19:32   Report Abuse
this level was brilliant, i gave you a 9. Some of the textures were a bit weird, but the music was great. Where'd you get it?


Lance KenobiPosted: 04/15/05 12:32   Report Abuse
I dont understand how you guys can think that it is so difficult? i mean that second sniper place, just speed-kill the rodians first, easy as pie and good!!! keep making "difficult" lvls, this one gets a nine, no ten cos its so short.


Double HelixPosted: 05/27/05 03:29   Report Abuse
Why are you so lazy that when you screwed up the size you didn't bother to fix it?


Zev KitenPosted: 11/06/06 00:29   Report Abuse
Definitly a kick ass level
I particularly enjoyed the throne room battle with all of the reborn and ugnaughts
The emperor kicked my ass a few times before I finally beat him. He even somehow killed me with the cheat codes on. weird.
Next time around make a longer level other than that I loved it even with all the snipers.


Zev KitenPosted: 11/06/06 00:30   Report Abuse
Definitly a kick ass level
I particularly enjoyed the throne room battle with all of the reborn and ugnaughts
The emperor kicked my ass a few times before I finally beat him. He even somehow killed me with the cheat codes on. weird.
Next time around make a longer level other than that I loved it even with all the snipers.


AndrewM619Posted: 03/14/08 14:13   Report Abuse
Some creative architecture in here, good knowledge of npc editing and scripting. However, when it comes down to it I just didn't like this much. The music was okay but definitely did not fit into Star wars in my opinion and some of the environments were just a little too out there and overly varied from one another. Also there were texture overlapping problems..and I doubt anybody could play through this level without using cheats. So bottom line, you've got nice ideas but the execution could have been better. I give it a seven out of ten for effort.


Anonymous2Posted: 02/14/09 07:22   Report Abuse
err i unzipped the .pk3 file into my gamedata folder but wen i start the game and go to setup/mods nothing is there...i want to play it so can sum 1 give me a lil help?

I also have this problem...i need help too...


Zonage5Posted: 04/20/10 11:38   Report Abuse
I have seen all the comments and good stuff about the emperor series, so I gave it a try. Just as it finished loading, I played it. Through the level, I did not understand the level at all! Too many enemies, (place npc better) huge objects (as if I were a mouse) and strange archi. You must fix a whole lot in this level. The textures are crazy, and do not mix with other strange textures surrounding it.



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