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This is a Dark Skin in all senses of the word and playing this on a dark map is very challenging, it is based on the Reborn Skin as I found the hood very inspiring. I have managed to include a red and blue team skin that does not interfere with his dark colours too much and you can still see what team it is on.


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Download: Grim Reaper
File Size: 838 KB
Date: 07/24/02
Author: Silk
Downloads: 2952


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 16
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OrionPosted: 07/24/02 16:41   Report Abuse
AHHH!!!! Not another Reborn skin!!! Besides that, the face still needs to be tuched up a little (mabey cracks in the skull? make his eyes red?)



OoCHAoSoOPosted: 07/24/02 18:08   Report Abuse
Good, because you talk like JeffK.

Rate = 8

I don't see why everybody hates using Reborn models, I mean, they're COOL.

Besides, it's early on, there aren't many/any ways to edit models, if I'm correct, so what're ya gonna do?

All skins for about the first 1/3 to 1/2 of Jedi Knight editing were just reskinned Kyle.


EmonPosted: 07/24/02 18:51   Report Abuse
I don't see what's so wrong with it. Most people don't have the software or knowhow to make new models, so this is the closest thing. Whole new Reborn skins are good, recolored Reborn skins are bad.

If you don't like Reborn skins, then *gasp* don't use it!


AgentSUBLIMEPosted: 07/24/02 19:47   Report Abuse
a 10, hmmm, i dont know about that. i give it a 5 for some effort. i just think most people are tired of seeing people use reborns for their skins. regardless of anyone using them, most people dont even want to see new skins that have anything to do with reborn. just a thought.


pur33vilPosted: 07/24/02 21:01   Report Abuse
WOW! You used the reborn model! How original!


EmonPosted: 07/24/02 22:14   Report Abuse
I agree fully with Viper. As I said, MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THE SKILL OR SOFTWARE TO MAKE NEW MODELS! It's a new SKIN, not a new model. You should be rating the skin, not the model. Besides, it's not like there's another model that would fit in.


DeathsaiPosted: 07/24/02 22:16   Report Abuse
We ARE rating the skin, and we dont like skins to look like reborn! 5 for effort


Joren DarkStarPosted: 07/24/02 22:22   Report Abuse
I can sort of see where they are coming from, Emon. Not complaining about the model tho, but if you put this skin next to the Dark Reborn skin, they are identical except for the face. I give him a 0 for unoriginality.


OoCHAoSoOPosted: 07/25/02 05:13   Report Abuse
About the "how many reskinned kyles do you see?" remark:

Well, look at it this way: No matter what you want to believe, the only changes to the regular Kyle model we ever see (frequently) are these:

Shoulder pad(s)
baggy pants
thick limbs (remember MechaJedi from BFP?)

Other than that, either it's really innovative and unique, and they spent lots of time on it, or they screwed up somewhere.

Note: I probably forgot a few, you still get the idea.


YodacrunchiesPosted: 07/25/02 20:32   Report Abuse
Rating: 10

"We ARE rating the skin, and we dont like skins to look like reborn! 5 for effort"
- Speak for yourself.

Rating this a 0 is borderline abusive. He did a nice job, and obviously took the time to be creative with what he had and could do. I say this is a very good/original way to put the otherwise derided Reborn model to use.


TakimotoPosted: 07/26/02 03:29   Report Abuse
It reminds me of the bad kids that attacked Daniel using their dirtbikes in Karate Kid. :)


darthgroovyiiPosted: 07/26/02 04:59   Report Abuse
I will pay you $100 if you make a Miagi model with the bald head and the headband. Don't forget da bonzai tree.....and don't forget to breathe.


JK2k_AvengerPosted: 07/26/02 05:02   Report Abuse
If you wanted to make a grim reaper skin what model would you use if you don't have the tools to make a new model???? I like the skin, but I agree that the face needed to have a bit more detail on it.....7


oceandragon622Posted: 07/26/02 22:00   Report Abuse
You guys should be commenting to help the creator make better things in the future. Saying it's stupid because it's a reborn skin doesn't help him make better things.


Darth ChimeraPosted: 07/28/02 01:22   Report Abuse
no more reborn re-skins, please. The face does look good, but i think that cracks in the skull, and a more scientific representation of the shape would help too. i.e. temples, jawbone


TNC_SidiousPosted: 07/29/02 10:16   Report Abuse
you should rate this skin as if its the first skin ever out and you've never seen another reborn skin, not that, "oh a lot of people have used the reborn model so this one is crap"


SilkPosted: 07/31/02 18:08   Report Abuse
Well, I have only just been able to register and so hear are my comments to all.

First thanks to all who commented. I am not working on a second version of the skin which I will release soon. In it is more definition of the jaw and I have fixed the shadowed eyes that were still visible. I have also added a few cracks in the skull but they had to be quite deep or you cannot see them clearly.

The screenshot of the face was a bit misleading as I have already made some modifications but not taken a new screenshot.

I was a bit disapointed in the overall reponce about the reborn model though, belive me, if I had the skill and the software I would have removed the hood and left a clean skull that all could see but I do not have the software or the skill to pull it off.

I am in the process of getting 3d Studio Max and this will be my first project...Does anyone know of a tutorial? The new model will be called Thanatos (Alternative name for the Reaper)

Anyway, anyhelp or suggestions please let me know


RogoffPosted: 02/15/03 08:32   Report Abuse
[[[[[--------create a new JEDI in black clothes and a good face! I have a little "clan" but I need a good skin, jedi in a black costume... E-mail me if you want to help me... Thanks! (click on the mail icon)


RogoffPosted: 02/15/03 08:32   Report Abuse
[[[[[--------create a new JEDI in black clothes and a good face! I have a little "clan" but I need a good skin, jedi in a black costume... E-mail me if you want to help me... Thanks! (click on the mail icon) And not in reborn skin..


AYS_Frenrir2Posted: 01/25/04 17:34   Report Abuse
Great Skin!!!!!

You should try to make a Jason skin that would be sweet
the only complaint is he needs a robe like in the palpatine skin if u added that iwould give u a 10 but otherwise u get 7


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