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This is the official map (FFA) for The Jedi Academy (  JA has 4 main dueling rooms; each one is unique in design to support different dueling scenarios/situations.  Every training room is identified with a Symbol above each entrance.  Lower doorways lead to the training arenas, whereas the upper level is for the observation decks. You can also use the elevators for quicker access; [it goes] from [the] arena to observation deck. The courtyard is 95% true to its Single Player version. The courtyard is the only place you'll be able to acquire all the weapons, ammo, and equipment. (note, I am submitting this for derelict crusader since he is on vacation, and he built the map for my site)


Level Info:

Download: The Jedi Academy
File Size: 1.6MB
Date: 07/25/02
Author: [Dom_Pmd]
Downloads: 4092


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 8
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Krimson HellkitePosted: 07/25/02 03:48   Report Abuse
That looks pretty sweat. Teh level gets a 10/10!


landfishPosted: 07/25/02 04:29   Report Abuse
i really like this level. the only problem is that one must be civilized to play this map because with all the guns out in the courtyard it would be really easy to just go into one of the little duel rooms and just kill all the saberists trying to duel so i don't think a lot of people will be playing this because of all the really stupid people that would do that so really, i would only play this map with saber only. BTW i really like all the little duel room, each being unique in a way that none of the others can offer


drizzt2k2Posted: 07/25/02 05:21   Report Abuse
great idea for a level! its really fun but next time add a little more variety, when you said 4 different variety of duel rooms or whatever i thought u meant like, dark(as in color), light, foresty, or whatever. my fav is the one with spikes its fun. i give an 8


SpidermanPosted: 07/25/02 13:38   Report Abuse
I don't have Jedi Outcast. But, it would be very cool if you made this level for Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 Do the same thing you did on this level just make it for Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. Ok overall very cool screenshots I give it a 10 but I hope make the level for Dark Forces 2.


GoofzPosted: 07/25/02 15:01   Report Abuse
very nice. Not really usable for FFA (but that's not what it was built for), but perfect for intra- or inter-clan-matches.


RedClawPosted: 07/25/02 19:31   Report Abuse
As a student of the prestigious Jedi Academy, I feel I must uphold it's honor. Btw, at the academy I go by the name Drivian Taluus. Great looking level, but it's geared toward educating players, not rampant PvP hackfests.


Bounty Hunter 4 hirePosted: 07/25/02 21:02   Report Abuse
I like your level a lot. It would be nice for clan matches, and practices I guess. I like the room with the spikes, kind of like that old Mortal Kombat level. More variety would be nice, like maybe a room with a pool or something. It'd probably be really out of place, but I've always wanted to see a zero-g room (although from what I've seen of this engines underwater and zero-g capabilities, it probably wouldn't be all that special)
Nice work...9/10


ssjslainPosted: 07/27/02 09:21   Report Abuse
Is it just me or is the sky screwed


Sapien01Posted: 07/28/02 14:41   Report Abuse
Its pretty good looking. Some of the places are a little bland, and could use some more color (color meaning details). All around its a very good map. I had some fun with it.


SSmonstersPosted: 08/03/02 20:10   Report Abuse
9/10 I love this level, so many different rooms and the glass floor in one saber room is sweet! Make some more!!!!


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