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This is a reskin of Lukes RotJ Hilt used in Jedi Outcast. I used original textures for the work to make it authentic :-) I also designed some classic blades ... so you get with this file 2 pk3s:
- Lukes RotJ Hilt.pk3
- ClassicBlades.pk3


Level Info:

Download: Lukes RotJ Hilt & Classic Blades
File Size: 375KB
Date: 07/26/02
Author: Wanderer
Downloads: 3195


Score (0-10): 10
# of Ratings: 5
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Hard DriverPosted: 07/26/02 02:25   Report Abuse
By the screens I'm seeing this looks pretty good, my friend. I will download it now!


Hard DriverPosted: 07/26/02 03:23   Report Abuse
The reskin is great, along with the new blades. It would have been nice, however, if the blades were more straight and rounded around the top. But good work, and thanks for mentioning me in the readme!


Syfa_GranPosted: 07/26/02 16:08   Report Abuse
Ooh Shiney


WandererPosted: 07/27/02 15:31   Report Abuse
Yes Corran, didn't know that you're so good in editing JK. Maybe you can help me one day with jed95. I want to create saberduel-levels for my personal use...but til now I just played with some original levels :-)


ColigeonPosted: 08/14/02 10:43   Report Abuse
Very nice job Wanderer. I am a huge fan of the OT so I have tried many different lightsaber blades. I think you got the color nailed for the OT blue, looks great. Nice job on the hilt as well. All I had to get to finish off my Luke lightsaber was the "snap - hiss" sound which is also availible. Again, good work, a 10.


Katarn's clonePosted: 08/15/02 04:38   Report Abuse
Sweet. perfect 10. WILL SOMEONE PLESE!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME HOW TO MAKE MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WedgePosted: 09/22/02 02:44   Report Abuse
Just plain cool, great job Wanderer. Only improvement I can think of basically goes for all the mods out, maybe darken the blur for the green saber so you can see the core better.


WandererPosted: 02/26/03 18:30   Report Abuse
Also available now: =Luke's RotJ Saber - V2= under my msn-community-site: !
I designed new realistic blades for the saber. Hope you'll enjoy it! Stop by ;-)


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 01:43   Report Abuse
your blades are the best ive ever seen in the trilogy section: will you let me use them in my mod adn will you help me?


metallica909Posted: 04/09/07 01:46   Report Abuse
hey its me again i was just wondering do they have classic trilogy sounds? get back to me at


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