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An ancient temple on a distant planet, the Grand Temple of Fire was built centuries ago by powerful Jedi Masters using the Force in place of tools. Fire symbolized the pride and power of the Jedi, and this temple was used as a training ground and mediation area for Jedi Padawans. However, after the Empire came to power and the Jedi were killed, the temple was abandoned and forgotten in the passage of time. Decades later, it was discovered and reopened by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, to be used to train his new order of Jedi Knights. The power of the Force has kept the flames burning since the opening of the temple, and will keep them burning until the end of time. May the Force be with you!


Level Info:

Download: Grand Temple of Fire
File Size: 3 MB
Date: 07/29/02
Author: Bobafett765
Downloads: 2234


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 14
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saberopusPosted: 07/29/02 22:47   Report Abuse
yay boba

good.....ill give it a nine, minus the one for a little too much fire



Evil_TofuPosted: 07/29/02 23:30   Report Abuse
"C'mon baby light my fire!"
Nice level, to much fire!


bobafett_765Posted: 07/30/02 00:38   Report Abuse
There is quite a bit of fire, but then again, look at the title of the level. But not to fear, my future levels will not deal with old temples and\or massive amounts of fire.


UncleTaiPosted: 07/30/02 00:56   Report Abuse
Bravo bf, more fire, as if ur last level didn't have enough of it. But the architecture in dis one is so much better..

Hmmm, I say 8



yodaissmartPosted: 07/30/02 00:56   Report Abuse
There can never be too much fire!
"Burn baby burn"
9 for all the fire, and a nice level! (lol)


[US]Silenced_FuryPosted: 07/30/02 19:11   Report Abuse
If there wasnt enough fire the temple would be too dark ;) 10/10


JRA_AcePosted: 07/31/02 04:42   Report Abuse
Beautiful... architecturaly (sp), one of the best I've seen. I was about to give it a 9 or 10, except for a few awfull problems...

1. The fire doesn't hurt you. certainly not a critical thing, but it woulda been real easy to do, add realism, and add balance when the rocket launcher was in it.

2. Rocket launcher can't be reached w/o force jump. again, not critical, but it hurts a little.

3. You included weapons, but 0 ammo! I'm a saber person, but I still think thats a glaring mistake.

4. No bot support :( Us 56kers cant play...

Excellent level, coulda gotten a 10 without those problems. 7/10


bobafett_765Posted: 07/31/02 13:40   Report Abuse
1) Sorry about the fire not hurting you. I was going to implement it early on, but then it completely slipped my mind.
2) It was intentional that the rocket launcher must be reached with jump. I didn't want everyone and his uncle to have
that thing.
3) There was ammo, although some might say it was hidden. Look in the corners at the very edges of the above-ground area. One corner has energy cells, another power cells, another metallic bolt ammo, and another has thermal detonators. I decided not to put rocket ammo in, because, once again, I didn't want everyone to have the rocket launcher, and then have an endless supply of rockets.
4) Sorry about no bot support. I'll see what I can do about learning it, but glancing at a tutorial about it, it seems rather difficult.

But thanks for providing a constructive and well-written review of my level, which few people seem to do here anymore. :)


JRA_AcePosted: 07/31/02 19:45   Report Abuse
Have you looked at 007s at ? it looks pretty straightforward, especially in a more open level like yours.


bobafett_765Posted: 07/31/02 20:44   Report Abuse
Yeah, 007's like a god to me. Practically everything I know about Radiant comes from his tutorials. I have his bot routing tutorial, but it seems too complicated. But I'll see if I can take the time to learn it.


ENSIGNPosted: 07/31/02 22:49   Report Abuse
if you learn how to add bot support then re realease this level call it temple of fire SE or something


bobafett_765Posted: 08/03/02 19:53   Report Abuse
Whoa! Level of the Week? For me? I'd like to thank all the people who voted this level to be LotW. Thank you, thank you very much!


Hard DriverPosted: 08/05/02 19:11   Report Abuse
Nice level. It's not the fire that bothered me so much as that there are already tons of levels that are just orange and brown all over. That's just my opinion, and doesn't take away from the score. 10 ;).


KeepaduPosted: 12/24/02 15:55   Report Abuse
It's amazing what one person can do with imagination. Great job bro.


RogoffPosted: 02/28/03 08:40   Report Abuse
Well, I have a feeling that I have come to the hell ;) I like the fire!


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